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// Copyright 2017 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#include "starboard/shared/uwp/application_uwp.h"
#include "starboard/event.h"
#include "starboard/input.h"
#include "starboard/key.h"
using Windows::UI::Core::CoreWindow;
using Windows::UI::Core::KeyEventArgs;
using Windows::UI::Core::CoreVirtualKeyStates;
using Windows::System::VirtualKey;
namespace {
SbKey VirtualKeyToSbKey(VirtualKey key) {
// Disable warning for Invalid valid values from switch of enum.
#pragma warning(push)
#pragma warning(disable : 4063)
switch (key) {
case VirtualKey::None:
case VirtualKey::NavigationView:
case VirtualKey::NavigationMenu:
case VirtualKey::NavigationUp:
case VirtualKey::NavigationDown:
case VirtualKey::NavigationLeft:
case VirtualKey::NavigationRight:
case VirtualKey::NavigationAccept:
case VirtualKey::NavigationCancel:
return kSbKeyUnknown;
case VirtualKey::Cancel: return kSbKeyCancel;
case VirtualKey::Back: return kSbKeyBack;
case VirtualKey::Tab: return kSbKeyTab;
case VirtualKey::Clear: return kSbKeyClear;
case VirtualKey::Enter: return kSbKeyReturn;
case VirtualKey::Shift: return kSbKeyShift;
case VirtualKey::Control: return kSbKeyControl;
case VirtualKey::Menu: return kSbKeyMenu;
case VirtualKey::Pause: return kSbKeyPause;
case VirtualKey::CapitalLock: return kSbKeyCapital;
// Hangul and Kana have the same VirtualKey constant
case VirtualKey::Kana: return kSbKeyKana;
case VirtualKey::Junja: return kSbKeyJunja;
case VirtualKey::Final: return kSbKeyFinal;
// Hanja and Kanji have the same VirtualKey constant
case VirtualKey::Hanja: return kSbKeyHanja;
case VirtualKey::Escape: return kSbKeyEscape;
case VirtualKey::Convert: return kSbKeyConvert;
case VirtualKey::NonConvert: return kSbKeyNonconvert;
case VirtualKey::Accept: return kSbKeyAccept;
case VirtualKey::ModeChange: return kSbKeyModechange;
case VirtualKey::Space: return kSbKeySpace;
case VirtualKey::PageUp: return kSbKeyPrior;
case VirtualKey::PageDown: return kSbKeyNext;
case VirtualKey::End: return kSbKeyEnd;
case VirtualKey::Home: return kSbKeyHome;
case VirtualKey::Left: return kSbKeyLeft;
case VirtualKey::Up: return kSbKeyUp;
case VirtualKey::Right: return kSbKeyRight;
case VirtualKey::Down: return kSbKeyDown;
case VirtualKey::Select: return kSbKeySelect;
case VirtualKey::Print: return kSbKeyPrint;
case VirtualKey::Execute: return kSbKeyExecute;
case VirtualKey::Snapshot: return kSbKeySnapshot;
case VirtualKey::Insert: return kSbKeyInsert;
case VirtualKey::Delete: return kSbKeyDelete;
case VirtualKey::Number0: return kSbKey0;
case VirtualKey::Number1: return kSbKey1;
case VirtualKey::Number2: return kSbKey2;
case VirtualKey::Number3: return kSbKey3;
case VirtualKey::Number4: return kSbKey4;
case VirtualKey::Number5: return kSbKey5;
case VirtualKey::Number6: return kSbKey6;
case VirtualKey::Number7: return kSbKey7;
case VirtualKey::Number8: return kSbKey8;
case VirtualKey::Number9: return kSbKey9;
case VirtualKey::A: return kSbKeyA;
case VirtualKey::B: return kSbKeyB;
case VirtualKey::C: return kSbKeyC;
case VirtualKey::D: return kSbKeyD;
case VirtualKey::E: return kSbKeyE;
case VirtualKey::F: return kSbKeyF;
case VirtualKey::G: return kSbKeyG;
case VirtualKey::H: return kSbKeyH;
case VirtualKey::I: return kSbKeyI;
case VirtualKey::J: return kSbKeyJ;
case VirtualKey::K: return kSbKeyK;
case VirtualKey::L: return kSbKeyL;
case VirtualKey::M: return kSbKeyM;
case VirtualKey::N: return kSbKeyN;
case VirtualKey::O: return kSbKeyO;
case VirtualKey::P: return kSbKeyP;
case VirtualKey::Q: return kSbKeyQ;
case VirtualKey::R: return kSbKeyR;
case VirtualKey::S: return kSbKeyS;
case VirtualKey::T: return kSbKeyT;
case VirtualKey::U: return kSbKeyU;
case VirtualKey::V: return kSbKeyV;
case VirtualKey::W: return kSbKeyW;
case VirtualKey::X: return kSbKeyX;
case VirtualKey::Y: return kSbKeyY;
case VirtualKey::Z: return kSbKeyZ;
case VirtualKey::LeftWindows: return kSbKeyLwin;
case VirtualKey::RightWindows: return kSbKeyRwin;
case VirtualKey::Application: return kSbKeyApps;
case VirtualKey::Sleep: return kSbKeySleep;
case VirtualKey::NumberPad0: return kSbKeyNumpad0;
case VirtualKey::NumberPad1: return kSbKeyNumpad1;
case VirtualKey::NumberPad2: return kSbKeyNumpad2;
case VirtualKey::NumberPad3: return kSbKeyNumpad3;
case VirtualKey::NumberPad4: return kSbKeyNumpad4;
case VirtualKey::NumberPad5: return kSbKeyNumpad5;
case VirtualKey::NumberPad6: return kSbKeyNumpad6;
case VirtualKey::NumberPad7: return kSbKeyNumpad7;
case VirtualKey::NumberPad8: return kSbKeyNumpad8;
case VirtualKey::NumberPad9: return kSbKeyNumpad9;
case VirtualKey::Multiply: return kSbKeyMultiply;
case VirtualKey::Add: return kSbKeyAdd;
case VirtualKey::Separator: return kSbKeySeparator;
case VirtualKey::Subtract: return kSbKeySubtract;
case VirtualKey::Decimal: return kSbKeyDecimal;
case VirtualKey::Divide: return kSbKeyDivide;
case VirtualKey::F1: return kSbKeyF1;
case VirtualKey::F2: return kSbKeyF2;
case VirtualKey::F3: return kSbKeyF3;
case VirtualKey::F4: return kSbKeyF4;
case VirtualKey::F5: return kSbKeyF5;
case VirtualKey::F6: return kSbKeyF6;
case VirtualKey::F7: return kSbKeyF7;
case VirtualKey::F8: return kSbKeyF8;
case VirtualKey::F9: return kSbKeyF9;
case VirtualKey::F10: return kSbKeyF10;
case VirtualKey::F11: return kSbKeyF11;
case VirtualKey::F12: return kSbKeyF12;
case VirtualKey::F13: return kSbKeyF13;
case VirtualKey::F14: return kSbKeyF14;
case VirtualKey::F15: return kSbKeyF15;
case VirtualKey::F16: return kSbKeyF16;
case VirtualKey::F17: return kSbKeyF17;
case VirtualKey::F18: return kSbKeyF18;
case VirtualKey::F19: return kSbKeyF19;
case VirtualKey::F20: return kSbKeyF20;
case VirtualKey::F21: return kSbKeyF21;
case VirtualKey::F22: return kSbKeyF22;
case VirtualKey::F23: return kSbKeyF23;
case VirtualKey::F24: return kSbKeyF24;
// SbKeys were originally modeled after the windows virtual key mappings [1].
// UWP VirtualKey uses a very similar mapping, but the UWP enum does not
// contain all of the Virtual-Key Codes.
// [1]
case 0xBA: return kSbKeyOem1; // Used for ";:" key with US keyboards.
case 0xBB: return kSbKeyOemPlus;
case 0xBC: return kSbKeyOemComma;
case 0xBD: return kSbKeyOemMinus;
case 0xBE: return kSbKeyOemPeriod;
case 0xBF: return kSbKeyOem2; // Used for "/?" key with US keyboards.
case 0xC0: return kSbKeyOem3; // Used for "~" with US keyboards.
case 0xDB: return kSbKeyOem4; // Used for "[{" with US keyboards.
case 0xDC: return kSbKeyOem5; // Used for "\|" with US keyboards.
case 0xDD: return kSbKeyOem6; // Used for "]}" with US keyboards.
case 0xDE: return kSbKeyOem7; // Used for quotes with US keyboards.
case 0xDF: return kSbKeyOem8; // Used for misc. chars with US keyboards.
case 0xE2: return kSbKeyOem102; // Used for "/" or angle bracket keys.
case VirtualKey::NumberKeyLock: return kSbKeyNumlock;
case VirtualKey::Scroll: return kSbKeyScroll;
case VirtualKey::LeftShift: return kSbKeyLshift;
case VirtualKey::RightShift: return kSbKeyRshift;
case VirtualKey::LeftControl: return kSbKeyLcontrol;
case VirtualKey::RightControl: return kSbKeyRcontrol;
case VirtualKey::LeftMenu: return kSbKeyLmenu;
case VirtualKey::RightMenu: return kSbKeyRmenu;
case VirtualKey::GoBack: return kSbKeyBrowserBack;
case VirtualKey::GoForward: return kSbKeyBrowserForward;
case VirtualKey::Refresh: return kSbKeyBrowserRefresh;
case VirtualKey::Stop: return kSbKeyBrowserStop;
case VirtualKey::Search: return kSbKeyBrowserSearch;
case VirtualKey::Favorites: return kSbKeyBrowserFavorites;
case VirtualKey::GoHome: return kSbKeyBrowserHome;
case VirtualKey::LeftButton: return kSbKeyMouse1;
case VirtualKey::RightButton: return kSbKeyMouse2;
case VirtualKey::MiddleButton: return kSbKeyMouse3;
case VirtualKey::XButton1: return kSbKeyMouse4;
case VirtualKey::XButton2: return kSbKeyMouse5;
case VirtualKey::GamepadA: return kSbKeyGamepad1;
case VirtualKey::GamepadB: return kSbKeyGamepad2;
case VirtualKey::GamepadX: return kSbKeyGamepad3;
case VirtualKey::GamepadY: return kSbKeyGamepad4;
case VirtualKey::GamepadRightShoulder: return kSbKeyGamepadRightBumper;
case VirtualKey::GamepadLeftShoulder: return kSbKeyGamepadLeftBumper;
case VirtualKey::GamepadLeftTrigger: return kSbKeyGamepadLeftTrigger;
case VirtualKey::GamepadRightTrigger: return kSbKeyGamepadRightTrigger;
case VirtualKey::GamepadDPadUp: return kSbKeyGamepadDPadUp;
case VirtualKey::GamepadDPadDown: return kSbKeyGamepadDPadDown;
case VirtualKey::GamepadDPadLeft: return kSbKeyGamepadDPadLeft;
case VirtualKey::GamepadDPadRight: return kSbKeyGamepadDPadRight;
case VirtualKey::GamepadMenu: return kSbKeyGamepad6;
case VirtualKey::GamepadView: return kSbKeyGamepad5;
case VirtualKey::GamepadLeftThumbstickButton:
return kSbKeyGamepadLeftStick;
case VirtualKey::GamepadRightThumbstickButton:
return kSbKeyGamepadRightStick;
case VirtualKey::GamepadLeftThumbstickUp:
return kSbKeyGamepadLeftStickUp;
case VirtualKey::GamepadLeftThumbstickDown:
return kSbKeyGamepadLeftStickDown;
case VirtualKey::GamepadLeftThumbstickRight:
return kSbKeyGamepadLeftStickRight;
case VirtualKey::GamepadLeftThumbstickLeft:
return kSbKeyGamepadLeftStickLeft;
case VirtualKey::GamepadRightThumbstickUp:
return kSbKeyGamepadRightStickUp;
case VirtualKey::GamepadRightThumbstickDown:
return kSbKeyGamepadRightStickDown;
case VirtualKey::GamepadRightThumbstickRight:
return kSbKeyGamepadRightStickRight;
case VirtualKey::GamepadRightThumbstickLeft:
return kSbKeyGamepadRightStickLeft;
return kSbKeyUnknown;
#pragma warning(pop) // Warning 4093 (Invalid valid values from switch of enum)
// Returns true if a given VirtualKey is currently being held down.
bool IsDown(CoreWindow^ sender, VirtualKey key) {
return ((sender->GetKeyState(key) & CoreVirtualKeyStates::Down) ==
} // namespace
namespace starboard {
namespace shared {
namespace uwp {
void ApplicationUwp::OnKeyEvent(
CoreWindow^ sender, KeyEventArgs^ args, bool up) {
args->Handled = true;
SbInputData* data = new SbInputData();
SbMemorySet(data, 0, sizeof(*data));
data->window = window_;
data->device_type = kSbInputDeviceTypeKeyboard;
data->device_id = device_id();
data->key = VirtualKeyToSbKey(args->VirtualKey);
if (up) {
data->type = kSbInputEventTypeUnpress;
} else {
data->type = kSbInputEventTypePress;
// Build up key_modifiers
if (IsDown(sender, VirtualKey::Menu) ||
IsDown(sender, VirtualKey::LeftMenu) ||
IsDown(sender, VirtualKey::RightMenu)) {
data->key_modifiers |= kSbKeyModifiersAlt;
if (IsDown(sender, VirtualKey::Control) ||
IsDown(sender, VirtualKey::LeftControl) ||
IsDown(sender, VirtualKey::RightControl)) {
data->key_modifiers |= kSbKeyModifiersCtrl;
if (IsDown(sender, VirtualKey::LeftWindows) ||
IsDown(sender, VirtualKey::RightWindows)) {
data->key_modifiers |= kSbKeyModifiersMeta;
if (IsDown(sender, VirtualKey::Shift) ||
IsDown(sender, VirtualKey::LeftShift) ||
IsDown(sender, VirtualKey::RightShift)) {
data->key_modifiers |= kSbKeyModifiersShift;
// Set key_location
switch (args->VirtualKey) {
case VirtualKey::LeftMenu:
case VirtualKey::LeftControl:
case VirtualKey::LeftWindows:
case VirtualKey::LeftShift:
data->key_location = kSbKeyLocationLeft;
case VirtualKey::RightMenu:
case VirtualKey::RightControl:
case VirtualKey::RightWindows:
case VirtualKey::RightShift:
data->key_location = kSbKeyLocationRight;
DispatchAndDelete(new Event(kSbEventTypeInput, data,
} // namespace uwp
} // namespace shared
} // namespace starboard