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//===-- scudo_errors.cpp ----------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
/// Verbose termination functions.
#include "scudo_utils.h"
#include "sanitizer_common/sanitizer_flags.h"
namespace __scudo {
void NORETURN reportCallocOverflow(uptr Count, uptr Size) {
dieWithMessage("calloc parameters overflow: count * size (%zd * %zd) cannot "
"be represented with type size_t\n", Count, Size);
void NORETURN reportPvallocOverflow(uptr Size) {
dieWithMessage("pvalloc parameters overflow: size 0x%zx rounded up to system "
"page size 0x%zx cannot be represented in type size_t\n", Size,
void NORETURN reportAllocationAlignmentTooBig(uptr Alignment,
uptr MaxAlignment) {
dieWithMessage("invalid allocation alignment: %zd exceeds maximum supported "
"allocation of %zd\n", Alignment, MaxAlignment);
void NORETURN reportAllocationAlignmentNotPowerOfTwo(uptr Alignment) {
dieWithMessage("invalid allocation alignment: %zd, alignment must be a power "
"of two\n", Alignment);
void NORETURN reportInvalidPosixMemalignAlignment(uptr Alignment) {
dieWithMessage("invalid alignment requested in posix_memalign: %zd, alignment"
" must be a power of two and a multiple of sizeof(void *) == %zd\n",
Alignment, sizeof(void *)); // NOLINT
void NORETURN reportInvalidAlignedAllocAlignment(uptr Size, uptr Alignment) {
dieWithMessage("invalid alignment requested in aligned_alloc: %zd, alignment "
"must be a power of two and the requested size 0x%zx must be a multiple "
"of alignment\n", Alignment, Size);
dieWithMessage("invalid alignment requested in aligned_alloc: %zd, the "
"requested size 0x%zx must be a multiple of alignment\n", Alignment,
void NORETURN reportAllocationSizeTooBig(uptr UserSize, uptr TotalSize,
uptr MaxSize) {
dieWithMessage("requested allocation size 0x%zx (0x%zx after adjustments) "
"exceeds maximum supported size of 0x%zx\n", UserSize, TotalSize,
void NORETURN reportRssLimitExceeded() {
dieWithMessage("specified RSS limit exceeded, currently set to "
"soft_rss_limit_mb=%zd\n", common_flags()->soft_rss_limit_mb);
void NORETURN reportOutOfMemory(uptr RequestedSize) {
dieWithMessage("allocator is out of memory trying to allocate 0x%zx bytes\n",
} // namespace __scudo