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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/bind.h"
#include "media/audio/audio_input_controller.h"
namespace media {
class TestAudioInputControllerFactory;
// TestAudioInputController and TestAudioInputControllerFactory are used for
// testing consumers of AudioInputController. TestAudioInputControllerFactory
// is a AudioInputController::Factory that creates TestAudioInputControllers.
// TestAudioInputController::Record and Close are overriden to do nothing. It is
// expected that you'll grab the EventHandler from the TestAudioInputController
// and invoke the callback methods when appropriate. In this way it's easy to
// mock a AudioInputController.
// Typical usage:
// // Create and register factory.
// TestAudioInputControllerFactory factory;
// AudioInputController::set_factory_for_testing(&factory);
// // Do something that triggers creation of an AudioInputController.
// TestAudioInputController* controller = factory.last_controller();
// DCHECK(controller);
// // Notify event handler with whatever data you want.
// controller->event_handler()->OnCreated(...);
// // Do something that triggers AudioInputController::Record to be called.
// controller->event_handler()->OnData(...);
// controller->event_handler()->OnError(...);
// // Make sure consumer of AudioInputController does the right thing.
// ...
// // Reset factory.
// AudioInputController::set_factory_for_testing(NULL);
class TestAudioInputController : public AudioInputController {
class Delegate {
virtual void TestAudioControllerOpened(
TestAudioInputController* controller) = 0;
virtual void TestAudioControllerClosed(
TestAudioInputController* controller) = 0;
TestAudioInputController(TestAudioInputControllerFactory* factory,
AudioManager* audio_manager,
const AudioParameters& audio_parameters,
EventHandler* event_handler,
SyncWriter* sync_writer);
// Returns the event handler installed on the AudioInputController.
EventHandler* event_handler() const { return event_handler_; }
// Notifies the TestAudioControllerOpened() event to the delegate (if any).
virtual void Record() OVERRIDE;
// Ensure that the closure is run on the audio-manager thread.
virtual void Close(const base::Closure& closed_task) OVERRIDE;
virtual ~TestAudioInputController();
AudioParameters audio_parameters_;
// These are not owned by us and expected to be valid for this object's
// lifetime.
TestAudioInputControllerFactory* factory_;
EventHandler* event_handler_;
typedef TestAudioInputController::Delegate TestAudioInputControllerDelegate;
// Simple AudioInputController::Factory method that creates
// TestAudioInputControllers.
class TestAudioInputControllerFactory : public AudioInputController::Factory {
virtual ~TestAudioInputControllerFactory();
// AudioInputController::Factory methods.
virtual AudioInputController* Create(
AudioManager* audio_manager,
AudioInputController::EventHandler* event_handler,
AudioParameters params) OVERRIDE;
void SetDelegateForTests(TestAudioInputControllerDelegate* delegate);
TestAudioInputController* controller() const { return controller_; }
friend class TestAudioInputController;
// Invoked by a TestAudioInputController when it gets destroyed.
void OnTestAudioInputControllerDestroyed(
TestAudioInputController* controller);
// The caller of Create owns this object.
TestAudioInputController* controller_;
// The delegate for tests for receiving audio controller events.
TestAudioInputControllerDelegate* delegate_;
} // namespace media