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// Copyright (c) 2016 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// IntermNodePatternMatcher is a helper class for matching node trees to given patterns.
// It can be used whenever the same checks for certain node structures are common to multiple AST
// traversers.
namespace sh
class TIntermAggregate;
class TIntermBinary;
class TIntermNode;
class TIntermTernary;
class TIntermDeclaration;
class IntermNodePatternMatcher
static bool IsDynamicIndexingOfVectorOrMatrix(TIntermBinary *node);
enum PatternType
// Matches expressions that are unfolded to if statements by UnfoldShortCircuitToIf
kUnfoldedShortCircuitExpression = 0x0001,
// Matches expressions that return arrays with the exception of simple statements where a
// constructor or function call result is assigned.
kExpressionReturningArray = 0x0002,
// Matches dynamic indexing of vectors or matrices in l-values.
kDynamicIndexingOfVectorOrMatrixInLValue = 0x0004,
// Matches declarations with more than one declared variables
kMultiDeclaration = 0x0008,
IntermNodePatternMatcher(const unsigned int mask);
bool match(TIntermBinary *node, TIntermNode *parentNode);
// Use this version for checking binary node matches in case you're using flag
// kDynamicIndexingOfVectorOrMatrixInLValue.
bool match(TIntermBinary *node, TIntermNode *parentNode, bool isLValueRequiredHere);
bool match(TIntermAggregate *node, TIntermNode *parentNode);
bool match(TIntermTernary *node);
bool match(TIntermDeclaration *node);
const unsigned int mMask;
bool matchInternal(TIntermBinary *node, TIntermNode *parentNode);
} // namespace sh