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// Copyright (c) 2014 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// InspectableNativeWindow.h: Host specific implementation interface for
// managing IInspectable native window types.
#include "common/debug.h"
#include "common/platform.h"
#include "angle_windowsstore.h"
#include <EGL/eglplatform.h>
#include <windows.applicationmodel.core.h>
#include <windows.ui.xaml.h>
#include <>
#include <wrl.h>
#include <wrl/wrappers/corewrappers.h>
using namespace Microsoft::WRL;
using namespace Microsoft::WRL::Wrappers;
using namespace ABI::Windows::Foundation;
using namespace ABI::Windows::Foundation::Collections;
namespace rx
class InspectableNativeWindow
InspectableNativeWindow() :
mSizeChangedEventToken.value = 0;
virtual ~InspectableNativeWindow(){}
virtual bool initialize(EGLNativeWindowType window, IPropertySet *propertySet) = 0;
virtual HRESULT createSwapChain(ID3D11Device *device,
IDXGIFactory2 *factory,
unsigned int width,
unsigned int height,
bool containsAlpha,
IDXGISwapChain1 **swapChain) = 0;
bool getClientRect(RECT *rect)
if (mClientRectChanged)
mClientRect = mNewClientRect;
*rect = mClientRect;
return true;
// setNewClientSize is used by the WinRT size change handler. It isn't used by the rest of ANGLE.
void setNewClientSize(const Size &newWindowSize)
// If the client doesn't support swapchain resizing then we should have already unregistered from size change handler
if (mSupportsSwapChainResize)
// If the swapchain size was specified then we should ignore this call too
if (!mSwapChainSizeSpecified)
mNewClientRect = clientRect(newWindowSize);
mClientRectChanged = true;
// If a scale was specified, then now is the time to apply the scale matrix for the new swapchain size and window size
if (mSwapChainScaleSpecified)
scaleSwapChain(newWindowSize, mNewClientRect);
// Even if the swapchain size was fixed, the window might have changed size.
// In this case, we should recalculate the scale matrix to account for the new window size
if (mSwapChainSizeSpecified)
scaleSwapChain(newWindowSize, mClientRect);
virtual HRESULT scaleSwapChain(const Size &windowSize, const RECT &clientRect) = 0;
RECT clientRect(const Size &size);
bool mSupportsSwapChainResize; // Support for IDXGISwapChain::ResizeBuffers method
bool mSwapChainSizeSpecified; // If an EGLRenderSurfaceSizeProperty was specified
bool mSwapChainScaleSpecified; // If an EGLRenderResolutionScaleProperty was specified
float mSwapChainScale; // The scale value specified by the EGLRenderResolutionScaleProperty property
RECT mClientRect;
RECT mNewClientRect;
bool mClientRectChanged;
EventRegistrationToken mSizeChangedEventToken;
bool IsCoreWindow(EGLNativeWindowType window, ComPtr<ABI::Windows::UI::Core::ICoreWindow> *coreWindow = nullptr);
bool IsSwapChainPanel(EGLNativeWindowType window, ComPtr<ABI::Windows::UI::Xaml::Controls::ISwapChainPanel> *swapChainPanel = nullptr);
bool IsEGLConfiguredPropertySet(EGLNativeWindowType window, ABI::Windows::Foundation::Collections::IPropertySet **propertySet = nullptr, IInspectable **inspectable = nullptr);
HRESULT GetOptionalPropertyValue(const ComPtr<ABI::Windows::Foundation::Collections::IMap<HSTRING, IInspectable*>> &propertyMap,
const wchar_t *propertyName,
boolean *hasKey,
ComPtr<ABI::Windows::Foundation::IPropertyValue> &propertyValue);
HRESULT GetOptionalSizePropertyValue(const ComPtr<ABI::Windows::Foundation::Collections::IMap<HSTRING, IInspectable*>> &propertyMap,
const wchar_t *propertyName, SIZE *value, bool *valueExists);
HRESULT GetOptionalSinglePropertyValue(const ComPtr<ABI::Windows::Foundation::Collections::IMap<HSTRING, IInspectable*>> &propertyMap,
const wchar_t *propertyName, float *value, bool *valueExists);