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// Copyright (c) 2015 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// WindowSurfaceCGL.h: CGL implementation of egl::Surface for windows
#include "libANGLE/renderer/gl/SurfaceGL.h"
struct _CGLContextObject;
typedef _CGLContextObject *CGLContextObj;
@class CALayer;
struct __IOSurface;
typedef __IOSurface *IOSurfaceRef;
@class SwapLayer;
namespace rx
class DisplayCGL;
class FramebufferGL;
class FunctionsGL;
class StateManagerGL;
struct WorkaroundsGL;
struct SharedSwapState
struct SwapTexture
GLuint texture;
unsigned int width;
unsigned int height;
uint64_t swapId;
SwapTexture textures[3];
// This code path is not going to be used by Chrome so we take the liberty
// to use pthreads directly instead of using mutexes and condition variables
// via the Platform API.
pthread_mutex_t mutex;
// The following members should be accessed only when holding the mutex
// (or doing construction / destruction)
SwapTexture *beingRendered;
SwapTexture *lastRendered;
SwapTexture *beingPresented;
class WindowSurfaceCGL : public SurfaceGL
WindowSurfaceCGL(const egl::SurfaceState &state,
RendererGL *renderer,
EGLNativeWindowType layer,
const FunctionsGL *functions,
CGLContextObj context);
~WindowSurfaceCGL() override;
egl::Error initialize(const DisplayImpl *displayImpl) override;
egl::Error makeCurrent() override;
egl::Error swap(const DisplayImpl *displayImpl) override;
egl::Error postSubBuffer(EGLint x, EGLint y, EGLint width, EGLint height) override;
egl::Error querySurfacePointerANGLE(EGLint attribute, void **value) override;
egl::Error bindTexImage(gl::Texture *texture, EGLint buffer) override;
egl::Error releaseTexImage(EGLint buffer) override;
void setSwapInterval(EGLint interval) override;
EGLint getWidth() const override;
EGLint getHeight() const override;
EGLint isPostSubBufferSupported() const override;
EGLint getSwapBehavior() const override;
FramebufferImpl *createDefaultFramebuffer(const gl::FramebufferState &state) override;
SwapLayer *mSwapLayer;
SharedSwapState mSwapState;
uint64_t mCurrentSwapId;
CALayer *mLayer;
CGLContextObj mContext;
const FunctionsGL *mFunctions;
StateManagerGL *mStateManager;
RendererGL *mRenderer;
const WorkaroundsGL &mWorkarounds;
GLuint mFramebuffer;
GLuint mDSRenderbuffer;
} // namespace rx