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// Copyright 2016 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// ContextVk.h:
// Defines the class interface for ContextVk, implementing ContextImpl.
#include <vulkan/vulkan.h>
#include "libANGLE/renderer/ContextImpl.h"
#include "libANGLE/renderer/vulkan/renderervk_utils.h"
namespace rx
class RendererVk;
class ContextVk : public ContextImpl, public ResourceVk
ContextVk(const gl::ContextState &state, RendererVk *renderer);
~ContextVk() override;
gl::Error initialize() override;
// Flush and finish.
gl::Error flush() override;
gl::Error finish() override;
// Drawing methods.
gl::Error drawArrays(GLenum mode, GLint first, GLsizei count) override;
gl::Error drawArraysInstanced(GLenum mode,
GLint first,
GLsizei count,
GLsizei instanceCount) override;
gl::Error drawElements(GLenum mode,
GLsizei count,
GLenum type,
const void *indices,
const gl::IndexRange &indexRange) override;
gl::Error drawElementsInstanced(GLenum mode,
GLsizei count,
GLenum type,
const void *indices,
GLsizei instances,
const gl::IndexRange &indexRange) override;
gl::Error drawRangeElements(GLenum mode,
GLuint start,
GLuint end,
GLsizei count,
GLenum type,
const void *indices,
const gl::IndexRange &indexRange) override;
gl::Error drawArraysIndirect(GLenum mode, const void *indirect) override;
gl::Error drawElementsIndirect(GLenum mode, GLenum type, const void *indirect) override;
// Device loss
GLenum getResetStatus() override;
// Vendor and description strings.
std::string getVendorString() const override;
std::string getRendererDescription() const override;
// Debug markers.
void insertEventMarker(GLsizei length, const char *marker) override;
void pushGroupMarker(GLsizei length, const char *marker) override;
void popGroupMarker() override;
// State sync with dirty bits.
void syncState(const gl::State::DirtyBits &dirtyBits) override;
// Disjoint timer queries
GLint getGPUDisjoint() override;
GLint64 getTimestamp() override;
// Context switching
void onMakeCurrent(const gl::ContextState &data) override;
// Native capabilities, unmodified by gl::Context.
const gl::Caps &getNativeCaps() const override;
const gl::TextureCapsMap &getNativeTextureCaps() const override;
const gl::Extensions &getNativeExtensions() const override;
const gl::Limitations &getNativeLimitations() const override;
// Shader creation
CompilerImpl *createCompiler() override;
ShaderImpl *createShader(const gl::ShaderState &state) override;
ProgramImpl *createProgram(const gl::ProgramState &state) override;
// Framebuffer creation
FramebufferImpl *createFramebuffer(const gl::FramebufferState &state) override;
// Texture creation
TextureImpl *createTexture(const gl::TextureState &state) override;
// Renderbuffer creation
RenderbufferImpl *createRenderbuffer() override;
// Buffer creation
BufferImpl *createBuffer(const gl::BufferState &state) override;
// Vertex Array creation
VertexArrayImpl *createVertexArray(const gl::VertexArrayState &state) override;
// Query and Fence creation
QueryImpl *createQuery(GLenum type) override;
FenceNVImpl *createFenceNV() override;
FenceSyncImpl *createFenceSync() override;
// Transform Feedback creation
TransformFeedbackImpl *createTransformFeedback(
const gl::TransformFeedbackState &state) override;
// Sampler object creation
SamplerImpl *createSampler() override;
// Path object creation
std::vector<PathImpl *> createPaths(GLsizei) override;
VkDevice getDevice() const;
vk::Error getStartedCommandBuffer(vk::CommandBuffer **commandBufferOut);
vk::Error submitCommands(vk::CommandBuffer *commandBuffer);
RendererVk *getRenderer() { return mRenderer; }
// TODO(jmadill): Use pipeline cache.
void invalidateCurrentPipeline();
gl::Error dispatchCompute(GLuint numGroupsX, GLuint numGroupsY, GLuint numGroupsZ) override;
gl::Error initPipeline();
RendererVk *mRenderer;
vk::Pipeline mCurrentPipeline;
GLenum mCurrentDrawMode;
} // namespace rx