Because the gpu_test_expectations directory is based on parts of Chromium's gpu/config directory, we want to keep a patch of the changes added to make it compile with ANGLE. This will allow us to merge Chromium changes easily in our gpu_test_expectations.

In order to make a change to this directory, do the following:

  • copy the directory somewhere like in gpu_test_expectations_reverted
  • in gpu_test_expectations_reverted run patch -p 1 -R < angle-mods.patch
  • do your changes in gpu_test_expectations
  • delete angle-mods.patch in both directories
  • run diff -rupN gpu_test_expectations_reverted gpu_test_expectations > angle-mods.patch
  • copy angle-mods.patch in gpu_test_expectations

How to update from Chromium:

  • git apply -R angle-mods.patch, git add . -u, git commit
  • Copy over Chromium files, git add . -u, git commit
  • git revert HEAD~
  • rm angle-mods.patch
  • git diff HEAD~ (`)ls(`) > angle-mods.patch,git add angle-mods.patch, git commit --amend
  • git rebase -i to squash the three patches into one.