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// Copyright 2014 The Cobalt Authors. All Rights Reserved.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#include <string>
#include "base/basictypes.h"
#include "base/memory/ref_counted.h"
#include "cobalt/dom/font_list.h"
#include "cobalt/layout/box.h"
#include "cobalt/layout/layout_unit.h"
#include "cobalt/layout/paragraph.h"
#include "cobalt/render_tree/font.h"
namespace cobalt {
namespace layout {
// Although the CSS 2.1 specification assumes that the text is simply a part of
// an inline box, it is impractical to implement it that way. Instead, we define
// a text box as an anonymous replaced inline-level box that is breakable at
// soft wrap opportunities.
class TextBox : public Box {
TextBox(const scoped_refptr<cssom::CSSComputedStyleDeclaration>&
const scoped_refptr<Paragraph>& paragraph, int32 text_start_position,
int32 text_end_position, bool triggers_line_break,
bool is_created_from_split, UsedStyleProvider* used_style_provider,
LayoutStatTracker* layout_stat_tracker);
// From |Box|.
Level GetLevel() const override;
TextBox* AsTextBox() override;
const TextBox* AsTextBox() const override;
void UpdateContentSizeAndMargins(const LayoutParams& layout_params) override;
WrapResult TryWrapAt(WrapAtPolicy wrap_at_policy,
WrapOpportunityPolicy wrap_opportunity_policy,
bool is_line_existence_justified,
LayoutUnit available_width,
bool should_collapse_trailing_white_space) override;
Box* GetSplitSibling() const override;
bool DoesFulfillEllipsisPlacementRequirement() const override;
void DoPreEllipsisPlacementProcessing() override;
void DoPostEllipsisPlacementProcessing() override;
void SplitBidiLevelRuns() override;
bool TrySplitAtSecondBidiLevelRun() override;
base::Optional<int> GetBidiLevel() const override;
void SetShouldCollapseLeadingWhiteSpace(
bool should_collapse_leading_white_space) override;
void SetShouldCollapseTrailingWhiteSpace(
bool should_collapse_trailing_white_space) override;
bool HasLeadingWhiteSpace() const override;
bool HasTrailingWhiteSpace() const override;
bool IsCollapsed() const override;
bool JustifiesLineExistence() const override;
bool HasTrailingLineBreak() const override;
bool AffectsBaselineInBlockFormattingContext() const override;
LayoutUnit GetBaselineOffsetFromTopMarginEdge() const override;
LayoutUnit GetInlineLevelBoxHeight() const override;
LayoutUnit GetInlineLevelTopMargin() const override;
bool ValidateUpdateSizeInputs(const LayoutParams& params) override;
bool HasNonCollapsibleText() const;
// From |Box|.
void RenderAndAnimateContent(
render_tree::CompositionNode::Builder* border_node_builder,
ContainerBox* stacking_context) const override;
bool IsTransformable() const override;
void DumpClassName(std::ostream* stream) const override;
void DumpProperties(std::ostream* stream) const override;
void DumpChildrenWithIndent(std::ostream* stream, int indent) const override;
// From |Box|.
void DoPlaceEllipsisOrProcessPlacedEllipsis(
BaseDirection base_direction, LayoutUnit desired_offset,
bool* is_placement_requirement_met, bool* is_placed,
LayoutUnit* placed_offset) override;
void UpdateTextHasLeadingWhiteSpace();
void UpdateTextHasTrailingWhiteSpace();
int32 GetWrapPosition(WrapAtPolicy wrap_at_policy,
WrapOpportunityPolicy wrap_opportunity_policy,
bool is_line_existence_justified,
LayoutUnit available_width,
bool should_collapse_trailing_white_space,
bool style_allows_break_word, int32 start_position);
// Split the text box into two.
// |split_start_position| indicates the position within the paragraph where
// the split occurs and the second box begins
void SplitAtPosition(int32 split_start_position);
// Width of a space character in the used font, if the box has leading white
// space.
LayoutUnit GetLeadingWhiteSpaceWidth() const;
// Width of a space character in the used font, if the box has trailing white
// space.
LayoutUnit GetTrailingWhiteSpaceWidth() const;
int32 GetNonCollapsedTextStartPosition() const;
int32 GetNonCollapsedTextEndPosition() const;
int32 GetNonCollapsibleTextStartPosition() const;
int32 GetNonCollapsibleTextEndPosition() const;
int32 GetNonCollapsibleTextLength() const;
std::string GetNonCollapsibleText() const;
int32 GetVisibleTextStartPosition() const;
int32 GetVisibleTextEndPosition() const;
int32 GetVisibleTextLength() const;
bool HasVisibleText() const;
std::string GetVisibleText() const;
// The paragraph that this text box is part of. It contains access to the
// underlying text, and handles the logic for determining bidi levels and
// where to split the text box during line breaking when the text box does
// not fully fit on a line.
const scoped_refptr<Paragraph> paragraph_;
// The position within the paragraph where the text contained in this box
// begins.
int32 text_start_position_;
// The position within the paragraph where the text contained in this box
// ends.
int32 text_end_position_;
// The position within the paragraph where the text within the text box is
// truncated by an ellipsis and will not be visible.
// "Implementations must hide characters and atomic inline-level elements at
// the applicable edge(s) of the line as necessary to fit the ellipsis."
int32 truncated_text_start_position_;
int32 truncated_text_end_position_;
// Tracking of the previous value of the truncated text position, which
// allows for determination of whether or not the value changed during
// ellipsis placement. When this occurs, the cached render tree nodes of this
// box and its ancestors are invalidated.
int32 previous_truncated_text_start_position_;
int32 previous_truncated_text_end_position_;
// The horizontal offset to apply to rendered text as a result of an ellipsis
// truncating the text. This value can be non-zero when the text box is in a
// line with a right-to-left base direction. In this case, when an ellipsis is
// placed, the truncated text is offset to begin to the right of the ellipsis.
float truncated_text_offset_from_left_;
// A font used for text width and line height calculations.
const scoped_refptr<dom::FontList> used_font_;
// Whitespace tracking.
bool text_has_leading_white_space_;
bool text_has_trailing_white_space_;
bool should_collapse_leading_white_space_;
bool should_collapse_trailing_white_space_;
// Specifies whether this text box ends the line it is on, forcing any
// additional sibling boxes to be added to a new line.
bool has_trailing_line_break_;
// A vertical offset of the baseline relatively to the origin of the text box.
base::Optional<LayoutUnit> baseline_offset_from_top_;
// Specifies whether or not this text box was created as a result of the split
// of a text box.
const bool is_product_of_split_;
// A reference to the next text box in a linked list of text boxes produced
// from splits of the initial text box. This enables HTMLElement to retain
// access to all of its layout boxes after they are split.
scoped_refptr<TextBox> split_sibling_;
bool update_size_results_valid_;
LayoutUnit line_height_;
LayoutUnit inline_top_margin_;
float ascent_;
// The width of the portion of the text that is unaffected by whitespace
// collapsing.
base::Optional<LayoutUnit> non_collapsible_text_width_;
} // namespace layout
} // namespace cobalt