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// Copyright (c) 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include "base/cancelable_callback.h"
#include "net/base/host_port_pair.h"
#include "net/base/privacy_mode.h"
#include "net/http/http_stream_factory_job.h"
#include "net/http/http_stream_request.h"
#include "net/socket/next_proto.h"
namespace net {
namespace test {
class JobControllerPeer;
} // namespace test
// HttpStreamFactory::JobController manages Request and Job(s).
class HttpStreamFactory::JobController
: public HttpStreamFactory::Job::Delegate,
public HttpStreamRequest::Helper {
JobController(HttpStreamFactory* factory,
HttpStreamRequest::Delegate* delegate,
HttpNetworkSession* session,
JobFactory* job_factory,
const HttpRequestInfo& request_info,
bool is_preconnect,
bool is_websocket,
bool enable_ip_based_pooling,
bool enable_alternative_services,
const SSLConfig& server_ssl_config,
const SSLConfig& proxy_ssl_config);
~JobController() override;
// Used in tests only for verification purpose.
const Job* main_job() const { return main_job_.get(); }
const Job* alternative_job() const { return alternative_job_.get(); }
GURL ApplyHostMappingRules(const GURL& url, HostPortPair* endpoint);
// Methods below are called by HttpStreamFactory only.
// Creates request and hands out to HttpStreamFactory, this will also create
// Job(s) and start serving the created request.
std::unique_ptr<HttpStreamRequest> Start(
HttpStreamRequest::Delegate* delegate,
const NetLogWithSource& source_net_log,
HttpStreamRequest::StreamType stream_type,
RequestPriority priority);
void Preconnect(int num_streams);
// From HttpStreamRequest::Helper.
// Returns the LoadState for Request.
LoadState GetLoadState() const override;
// Called when Request is destructed. Job(s) associated with but not bound to
// |request_| will be deleted. |request_| and |bound_job_| will be nulled if
// ever set.
void OnRequestComplete() override;
// Called to resume the HttpStream creation process when necessary
// Proxy authentication credentials are collected.
int RestartTunnelWithProxyAuth() override;
// Called when the priority of transaction changes.
void SetPriority(RequestPriority priority) override;
// Called when SpdySessionPool notifies the Request
// that it can be served on a SpdySession created by another Request,
// therefore the Jobs can be destroyed.
void OnStreamReadyOnPooledConnection(
const SSLConfig& used_ssl_config,
const ProxyInfo& proxy_info,
std::unique_ptr<HttpStream> stream) override;
void OnBidirectionalStreamImplReadyOnPooledConnection(
const SSLConfig& used_ssl_config,
const ProxyInfo& used_proxy_info,
std::unique_ptr<BidirectionalStreamImpl> stream) override;
// From HttpStreamFactory::Job::Delegate.
// Invoked when |job| has an HttpStream ready.
void OnStreamReady(Job* job, const SSLConfig& used_ssl_config) override;
// Invoked when |job| has a BidirectionalStream ready.
void OnBidirectionalStreamImplReady(
Job* job,
const SSLConfig& used_ssl_config,
const ProxyInfo& used_proxy_info) override;
// Invoked when |job| has a WebSocketHandshakeStream ready.
void OnWebSocketHandshakeStreamReady(
Job* job,
const SSLConfig& used_ssl_config,
const ProxyInfo& used_proxy_info,
std::unique_ptr<WebSocketHandshakeStreamBase> stream) override;
// Invoked when |job| fails to create a stream.
void OnStreamFailed(Job* job,
int status,
const SSLConfig& used_ssl_config) override;
// Invoked when |job| fails on the default network.
void OnFailedOnDefaultNetwork(Job* job) override;
// Invoked when |job| has a certificate error for the Request.
void OnCertificateError(Job* job,
int status,
const SSLConfig& used_ssl_config,
const SSLInfo& ssl_info) override;
// Invoked when |job| has a failure of the CONNECT request through an HTTPS
// proxy.
void OnHttpsProxyTunnelResponse(Job* job,
const HttpResponseInfo& response_info,
const SSLConfig& used_ssl_config,
const ProxyInfo& used_proxy_info,
std::unique_ptr<HttpStream> stream) override;
// Invoked when |job| raises failure for SSL Client Auth.
void OnNeedsClientAuth(Job* job,
const SSLConfig& used_ssl_config,
SSLCertRequestInfo* cert_info) override;
// Invoked when |job| needs proxy authentication.
void OnNeedsProxyAuth(Job* job,
const HttpResponseInfo& proxy_response,
const SSLConfig& used_ssl_config,
const ProxyInfo& used_proxy_info,
HttpAuthController* auth_controller) override;
bool OnInitConnection(const ProxyInfo& proxy_info) override;
// Invoked to notify the Request and Factory of the readiness of new
// SPDY session.
void OnNewSpdySessionReady(
Job* job,
const base::WeakPtr<SpdySession>& spdy_session) override;
// Invoked when the |job| finishes pre-connecting sockets.
void OnPreconnectsComplete(Job* job) override;
// Invoked to record connection attempts made by the socket layer to
// Request if |job| is associated with Request.
void AddConnectionAttemptsToRequest(
Job* job,
const ConnectionAttempts& attempts) override;
// Invoked when |job| finishes initiating a connection.
// Resume the other job if there's an error raised.
void OnConnectionInitialized(Job* job, int rv) override;
// Return false if |job| can advance to the next state. Otherwise, |job|
// will wait for Job::Resume() to be called before advancing.
bool ShouldWait(Job* job) override;
// Called when |job| determines the appropriate |spdy_session_key| for the
// Request. Note that this does not mean that SPDY is necessarily supported
// for this SpdySessionKey, since we may need to wait for NPN to complete
// before knowing if SPDY is available.
void SetSpdySessionKey(Job* job,
const SpdySessionKey& spdy_session_key) override;
// Remove session from the SpdySessionRequestMap.
void RemoveRequestFromSpdySessionRequestMapForJob(Job* job) override;
const NetLogWithSource* GetNetLog() const override;
void MaybeSetWaitTimeForMainJob(const base::TimeDelta& delay) override;
websocket_handshake_stream_create_helper() override;
bool is_preconnect() const { return is_preconnect_; }
// Returns true if |this| has a pending request that is not completed.
bool HasPendingRequest() const { return request_ != nullptr; }
// Returns true if |this| has a pending main job that is not completed.
bool HasPendingMainJob() const;
// Returns true if |this| has a pending alternative job that is not completed.
bool HasPendingAltJob() const;
// Returns the estimated memory usage in bytes.
size_t EstimateMemoryUsage() const;
friend class test::JobControllerPeer;
enum State {
void OnIOComplete(int result);
void OnResolveProxyError(int error);
void RunLoop(int result);
int DoLoop(int result);
int DoResolveProxy();
int DoResolveProxyComplete(int result);
// Creates Job(s) for |request_info_|. Job(s) will be owned by |this|.
int DoCreateJobs();
// Called to bind |job| to the |request_| and orphan all other jobs that are
// still associated with |request_|.
void BindJob(Job* job);
// Called when |request_| is destructed.
// Job(s) associated with but not bound to |request_| will be deleted.
void CancelJobs();
// Called after BindJob() to notify the unbound job that its result should be
// ignored by JobController. The unbound job can be canceled or continue until
// completion.
void OrphanUnboundJob();
// Invoked when the orphaned |job| finishes.
void OnOrphanedJobComplete(const Job* job);
// Called when a Job succeeds.
void OnJobSucceeded(Job* job);
// Marks completion of the |request_|.
void MarkRequestComplete(bool was_alpn_negotiated,
NextProto negotiated_protocol,
bool using_spdy);
// Must be called when the alternative service job fails. |net_error| is the
// net error of the failed alternative service job.
void OnAlternativeServiceJobFailed(int net_error);
// Must be called when the alternative proxy job fails. |net_error| is the
// net error of the failed alternative proxy job.
void OnAlternativeProxyJobFailed(int net_error);
// Called when all Jobs complete. Reports alternative service brokenness to
// HttpServerProperties if apply and resets net errors afterwards:
// - report broken if the main job has no error and the alternative job has an
// error;
// - report broken until default network change if the main job has no error,
// the alternative job has no error, but the alternative job failed on the
// default network.
void MaybeReportBrokenAlternativeService();
void MaybeNotifyFactoryOfCompletion();
void NotifyRequestFailed(int rv);
// Called to resume the main job with delay. Main job is resumed only when
// |alternative_job_| has failed or |main_job_wait_time_| elapsed.
void MaybeResumeMainJob(Job* job, const base::TimeDelta& delay);
// Posts a task to resume the main job after |delay|.
void ResumeMainJobLater(const base::TimeDelta& delay);
// Resumes the main job immediately.
void ResumeMainJob();
// Reset error status to default value for Jobs:
// - reset |main_job_net_error_| and |alternative_job_net_error_| to OK;
// - reset |alternative_job_failed_on_default_network_| to false.
void ResetErrorStatusForJobs();
AlternativeServiceInfo GetAlternativeServiceInfoFor(
const HttpRequestInfo& request_info,
HttpStreamRequest::Delegate* delegate,
HttpStreamRequest::StreamType stream_type);
AlternativeServiceInfo GetAlternativeServiceInfoInternal(
const HttpRequestInfo& request_info,
HttpStreamRequest::Delegate* delegate,
HttpStreamRequest::StreamType stream_type);
// Returns a quic::QuicTransportVersion that has been advertised in
// |advertised_versions| and is supported. If more than one
// QuicTransportVersions are supported, the first matched in the supported
// versions will be returned. If no mutually supported version is found,
quic::QuicTransportVersion SelectQuicVersion(
const quic::QuicTransportVersionVector& advertised_versions);
// Remove session from the SpdySessionRequestMap.
void RemoveRequestFromSpdySessionRequestMap();
// Returns true if the |request_| can be fetched via an alternative
// proxy server, and sets |alternative_proxy_info| to the alternative proxy
// server configuration. |alternative_proxy_info| should not be null,
// and is owned by the caller.
bool ShouldCreateAlternativeProxyServerJob(
const ProxyInfo& proxy_info_,
const GURL& url,
ProxyInfo* alternative_proxy_info) const;
// Records histogram metrics for the usage of alternative protocol. Must be
// called when |job| has succeeded and the other job will be orphaned.
void ReportAlternateProtocolUsage(Job* job) const;
// Returns whether |job| is an orphaned job.
bool IsJobOrphaned(Job* job) const;
// Called when a Job encountered a network error that could be resolved by
// trying a new proxy configuration. If there is another proxy configuration
// to try then this method sets |next_state_| appropriately and returns either
// OK or ERR_IO_PENDING depending on whether or not the new proxy
// configuration is available synchronously or asynchronously. Otherwise, the
// given error code is simply returned.
int ReconsiderProxyAfterError(Job* job, int error);
// Returns true if QUIC is whitelisted for |host|.
bool IsQuicWhitelistedForHost(const std::string& host);
HttpStreamFactory* factory_;
HttpNetworkSession* session_;
JobFactory* job_factory_;
// Request will be handed out to factory once created. This just keeps an
// reference and is safe as |request_| will notify |this| JobController
// when it's destructed by calling OnRequestComplete(), which nulls
// |request_|.
HttpStreamRequest* request_;
HttpStreamRequest::Delegate* const delegate_;
// True if this JobController is used to preconnect streams.
const bool is_preconnect_;
// True if request is for Websocket.
const bool is_websocket_;
// Enable pooling to a SpdySession with matching IP and certificate even if
// the SpdySessionKey is different.
const bool enable_ip_based_pooling_;
// Enable using alternative services for the request.
const bool enable_alternative_services_;
// |main_job_| is a job waiting to see if |alternative_job_| can reuse a
// connection. If |alternative_job_| is unable to do so, |this| will notify
// |main_job_| to proceed and then race the two jobs.
std::unique_ptr<Job> main_job_;
std::unique_ptr<Job> alternative_job_;
// The alternative service used by |alternative_job_|
// (or by |main_job_| if |is_preconnect_|.)
AlternativeServiceInfo alternative_service_info_;
// Error status used for alternative service brokenness reporting.
// Net error code of the main job. Set to OK by default.
int main_job_net_error_;
// Net error code of the alternative job. Set to OK by default.
int alternative_job_net_error_;
// Set to true if the alternative job failed on the default network.
bool alternative_job_failed_on_default_network_;
// True if a Job has ever been bound to the |request_|.
bool job_bound_;
// True if the main job has to wait for the alternative job: i.e., the main
// job must not create a connection until it is resumed.
bool main_job_is_blocked_;
// Handle for cancelling any posted delayed ResumeMainJob() task.
base::CancelableOnceClosure resume_main_job_callback_;
// True if the main job was blocked and has been resumed in ResumeMainJob().
bool main_job_is_resumed_;
// Waiting time for the main job before it is resumed.
base::TimeDelta main_job_wait_time_;
// At the point where a Job is irrevocably tied to |request_|, we set this.
// It will be nulled when the |request_| is finished.
Job* bound_job_;
// True if an alternative proxy server job can be started to fetch |request_|.
bool can_start_alternative_proxy_job_;
State next_state_;
std::unique_ptr<ProxyResolutionService::Request> proxy_resolve_request_;
const HttpRequestInfo request_info_;
ProxyInfo proxy_info_;
const SSLConfig server_ssl_config_;
const SSLConfig proxy_ssl_config_;
int num_streams_;
HttpStreamRequest::StreamType stream_type_;
RequestPriority priority_;
const NetLogWithSource net_log_;
base::WeakPtrFactory<JobController> ptr_factory_;
} // namespace net