Release Management

Merges and Cherry-Picks

The documentation on this can be found in the main


There is no explicit versioning being done. At the time of writing no compelling use case was found that would require version numbers. Commits are identified by their commit hash, which should suffice for the projected future.

What happens when Chromium cuts a new Canary branch

For each Chromium release branch, we create a mirror branch with the same name on our repo. Rough outline:

  1. Chromium cuts a branch e.g. 3879
  2. Bots create Chromium/3879 branch on the DevTools frontend repo
  3. The end

Handling of Beta/Stable branches

Generally speaking, beta/stable branches are the same as Canary branches. There is a special waterfall though, that runs tests on the beta/stable branches.

Todo: mention what needs to be done when Chromium updates to a new major version

Rolling/Integrating into Chromium

The Skia autoroller is used. The DevTools-Frontend auto-roller state can be seen and controlled here.