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Rolling CodeMirror

What's this about?

CodeMirror is a third-party library, which supports editing experience in Chrome DevTools. DevTools does not fork CodeMirror, thus all CodeMirror patches should go upstream to Every once in a while, the CodeMirror dependency (which is located in Source/devtools/front_end/cm/ folder) should be updated to a newer version.

Updating CodeMirror

Run python devtools/scripts/roll_codemirror.js <codemirror_dir> <devtools_dir>

Manual steps

This requires the following steps to be done:

  1. File headlesscodemirror.js is a runmode-standalone.js file from CodeMirror distribution, but wrapped in (function(window) { ... }(this)) construction. This is needed to support in web workers.
  2. File codemirror.css contains both the default theme of CodeMirror and structural css required for it to work. Discard everything in the file up to the word /* STOP */.
  3. All other files in front_end/cm/ folder should be substituted with their newer versions from the upstream.
  4. All files in front_end/cm_web_modes/ and front_end/cm_modes/ should be updated with newer versions from upstream.


DevTools wrap CodeMirror via CodeMirrorTextEditor.js and cmdevtools.css files. Although there are a couple of automated tests (web_tests/inspector/editor/) to verify overall sanity of the setup, a manual testing is mandatory before landing a roll. Here is a rough testing scenario outline:

  1. Create a new snippet and type in a small function with a few nested for-loops. (The author suggests a bubble-sort). Make sure that:
    • Words function, for, var are highlighted
    • “Smart braces” behavior works
    • “Enter” after opening curly brace adds correct indent
    • Autocompletion works
    • Multiple cursors functionality works as intended - Ctrl+D/Ctrl+U shortcuts
    • Set a breakpoint inside a function, select some text and summon a context menu over it.
  2. Make sure there are items such as “Add to Watch”, “Evaluate in Console” and “Copy/Paste” Make sure minified jquery opens nicely in the editor (minified jquery could be found as a resource on
    • Verify jquery.min.js is formatted via “Pretty print” action
  3. Go to the Elements panel, select a node and verify the “Edit it as HTML” command works.


The only changes allowed to front_end/cm/ folder are CodeMirror rolls. There's a presubmit check that enforces this, so make sure you include the phrase “roll CodeMirror” into your patch description.


Example CodeMirror roll patchset: