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Rolling Dagre

What is dagre?

Dagre is a third-party graph layouting library, which is used by the graph visualizer of Chrome DevTools/web_audio. It implements several research papers about layouting graph.

  1. Size: The size of dagre.js 323 KB. The core of dagre.js is 83 KB.
  2. Github repo:

Why should we add Dagre as a module, instead of a folder under web_audio?

Dagre is used by both DevTools/web_audio and DevTools/web_audio_worker. Therefore, it seems better to be a module that can be used as a dependency. For example, web_audio constructs dagre.graphlib.Graph and sends to web_audio_worker, which is a Web Worker that runs dagre.layout().

Updating Dagre

  1. Download from
  2. Optionally add a comment “// clang-format off” at the beginning of dagre.js.