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; This testcase checks to make sure that we can write PDB files. It
; works by first reading a known good PDB file and dumping the contents
; to YAML. Then it tries to reconstruct as much of the original PDB as
; possible, although depending on what flags are specified when generating
; the YAML, the PDB might be missing data required for any standard tool
; to recognize it. Finally, it dumps the same set of fields from the newly
; constructed PDB to YAML, and verifies that the YAML is the same as the
; original YAML generated from the good PDB. Note that when doing the
; final comparison it must dump the original and the new pdb without any
; stream metadata, since the layout of the MSF file might be different
; (for example if we don't write the entire stream)
; RUN: llvm-pdbutil pdb2yaml -stream-metadata -stream-directory \
; RUN: -pdb-stream -tpi-stream -module-syms %p/Inputs/empty.pdb > %t.1
; RUN: llvm-pdbutil yaml2pdb -pdb=%t.2 %t.1
; RUN: llvm-pdbutil pdb2yaml -pdb-stream -tpi-stream \
; RUN: -module-syms -no-file-headers %p/Inputs/empty.pdb > %t.3
; RUN: llvm-pdbutil pdb2yaml -pdb-stream -tpi-stream \
; RUN: -module-syms -no-file-headers %t.2 > %t.4
; RUN: diff %t.3 %t.4