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RUN: rm -rf %t && mkdir -p %t
RUN: cd %t
RUN: cp %p/Inputs/split-dwarf-no-skel-address.dwo %t
RUN: echo "%p/Inputs/split-dwarf-no-skel-address.o 0x4" > %t.input
RUN: llvm-symbolizer --functions=linkage --inlining --demangle=false \
RUN: --default-arch=i386 < %t.input | FileCheck %s
Built from the following source:
void f1();
__attribute__((always_inline)) inline void f2() { f1(); }
void f3() { f2(); }
Compiled to assembly with clang, modified the skeleton CU to remove the
high/low pc (& update the CU length field and abbrev to match) & then
compile/objcopy to make the .o and .dwo.
CHECK: _Z2f2v
CHECK: test.cpp:2:51