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#!/usr/bin/env python
import json, sys
from common_paths import *
def assert_non_empty_string(obj, field):
assert field in obj, 'Missing field "%s"' % field
assert isinstance(obj[field], basestring), \
'Field "%s" must be a string' % field
assert len(obj[field]) > 0, 'Field "%s" must not be empty' % field
def assert_non_empty_list(obj, field):
assert isinstance(obj[field], list), \
'%s must be a list' % field
assert len(obj[field]) > 0, \
'%s list must not be empty' % field
def assert_non_empty_dict(obj, field):
assert isinstance(obj[field], dict), \
'%s must be a dict' % field
assert len(obj[field]) > 0, \
'%s dict must not be empty' % field
def assert_contains(obj, field):
assert field in obj, 'Must contain field "%s"' % field
def assert_string_from(obj, field, items):
assert obj[field] in items, \
'Field "%s" must be from: %s' % (field, str(items))
def assert_string_or_list_items_from(obj, field, items):
if isinstance(obj[field], basestring):
assert_string_from(obj, field, items)
assert isinstance(obj[field], list), "%s must be a list!" % field
for allowed_value in obj[field]:
assert allowed_value != '*', "Wildcard is not supported for lists!"
assert allowed_value in items, \
'Field "%s" must be from: %s' % (field, str(items))
def assert_contains_only_fields(obj, expected_fields):
for expected_field in expected_fields:
assert_contains(obj, expected_field)
for actual_field in obj:
assert actual_field in expected_fields, \
'Unexpected field "%s".' % actual_field
def assert_value_unique_in(value, used_values):
assert value not in used_values, 'Duplicate value "%s"!' % str(value)
used_values[value] = True
def assert_valid_artifact(exp_pattern, artifact_key, schema):
if isinstance(schema, list):
assert_string_or_list_items_from(exp_pattern, artifact_key,
["*"] + schema)
for sub_artifact_key, sub_schema in schema.iteritems():
assert_valid_artifact(exp_pattern[artifact_key], sub_artifact_key,
def validate(spec_json, details):
""" Validates the json specification for generating tests. """
details['object'] = spec_json
assert_contains_only_fields(spec_json, ["specification",
assert_non_empty_list(spec_json, "specification")
assert_non_empty_dict(spec_json, "test_expansion_schema")
assert_non_empty_list(spec_json, "excluded_tests")
specification = spec_json['specification']
test_expansion_schema = spec_json['test_expansion_schema']
excluded_tests = spec_json['excluded_tests']
valid_test_expansion_fields = ['name'] + test_expansion_schema.keys()
# Validate each single spec.
for spec in specification:
details['object'] = spec
# Validate required fields for a single spec.
assert_contains_only_fields(spec, ['name',
assert_non_empty_string(spec, 'name')
assert_non_empty_string(spec, 'title')
assert_non_empty_string(spec, 'description')
assert_non_empty_string(spec, 'specification_url')
assert_non_empty_list(spec, 'test_expansion')
# Validate spec's test expansion.
used_spec_names = {}
for spec_exp in spec['test_expansion']:
details['object'] = spec_exp
assert_non_empty_string(spec_exp, 'name')
# The name is unique in same expansion group.
assert_value_unique_in((spec_exp['expansion'], spec_exp['name']),
assert_contains_only_fields(spec_exp, valid_test_expansion_fields)
for artifact in test_expansion_schema:
details['test_expansion_field'] = artifact
assert_valid_artifact(spec_exp, artifact,
del details['test_expansion_field']
# Validate the test_expansion schema members.
details['object'] = test_expansion_schema
assert_contains_only_fields(test_expansion_schema, ['expansion',
# Validate excluded tests.
details['object'] = excluded_tests
for excluded_test_expansion in excluded_tests:
del details['object']
def assert_valid_spec_json(spec_json):
error_details = {}
validate(spec_json, error_details)
except AssertionError, err:
print 'ERROR:', err.message
print json.dumps(error_details, indent=4)
def main():
spec_json = load_spec_json();
print "Spec JSON is valid."
if __name__ == '__main__':