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  1. resources/
  2. a-element.html
  3. a-element.xhtml
  4. interfaces.html
  6. url-constructor.html
  7. urlsearchparams-append.html
  8. urlsearchparams-constructor.html
  9. urlsearchparams-delete.html
  10. urlsearchparams-get.html
  11. urlsearchparams-getall.html
  12. urlsearchparams-has.html
  13. urlsearchparams-set.html
  14. urlsearchparams-stringifier.html
  15. urltestdata.txt
  16. urltestparser.js

The test for browsers is a-element.html. The reusable format is urltestdata.txt, which is not documented in detail. Reverse engineering through urltestparser.js should not be too hard. Documentation welcome!

annevk/url hosts some other files that might be of interest if you want to create additional tests.

Similar to a-element.html it would be trivial to add more tests for other objects that expose links (e.g. URL and <area>). There's also room for enhancement and bits that require independent tests:

  • The encoding part of the URL parser
  • The state override part of the URL parser (setting individual properties of a URL)
  • Origin serialization
  • application/x-www-form-urlencoded