ANGLE's Code Review Process

This page describes the review process for ANGLE reviewers and committers. For instructions on submitting your change list for review, please see ContributingCode.

Reviewing Changes

The author of a CL may designate reviewers. Please feel free to weigh in on changes even if you are not a designated reviewer!

  1. To review a change, you can either navigate directly to the URL for the CL, or, if you are one of the designated reviewers, the change will appear in your dashboard at
  2. Review the change listed by looking over the diffs listed in the most recent patch set.
    • You may view the diffs either side-to-side, or in unified diff format.
    • You can comment on a specific line of code by double-clicking that line, or on the file as a whole by clicking the “Add file comment” icon, which appears above the diff, in the line number column.
    • Note that, for CLs submitted as fixes to standing bugs, style issues that pre-exist the CL are not required to be addressed in the CL. As a reviewer, you can request a follow-up CL to address the style issue if you desire. This exception doesn't apply for CLs which implement new functionality, perform refactoring, or introduce style issues themselves.
  3. Once your review is complete, click the “Review” button
    • If you are satisfied with the change list as it is, give a positive review (Code-Review +1 or +2).
    • If you think the change list is a good idea, but needs changes, leave comments and a neutral review. (Code-Review 0)
    • If you think the change list should be abandoned, give a negative review. (Code-Review -1 or -2)
    • A +2 code review is required before landing. Only ANGLE committers may provide a +2 code review.
    • ANGLE has a 2-reviewer policy for CLs. This means all changes should get a positive review from more than one person before they are accepted. This is most usually handled by reserving the +2 review for the second reviewer to clear the CL.
    • If you made comments on the files, the draft comments will appear below the cover message. These comments are not published until you click on the “Publish Comments” button.
  4. Verification and landing:
    • If the CL author is not an ANGLE committer, the CL should be verified and landed by a committer. Once verified, the “+1 Verified” status may be added, and the CL may be landed with the “Publish and Submit” button. There should be no need to rebase via the “Rebase Change” button prior to landing.
    • If the CL author is an ANGLE committer, they should verify and land the CL themselves.
    • Please note: Verification and commit-queue workflow may be subject to change in the near future.
  5. Cherry-picking to other branches
    • If the change is needed on other branches, you may be able to land it using the “Cherry Pick To” button on the CL page.
    • If this cherry pick fails, you will need to rebase the patch yourself and submit a new change for review on the branch.