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/* Copyright 2013 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Distributed under MIT license.
See file LICENSE for detail or copy at
/* Functions for normalizing fonts. Since the WOFF 2.0 decoder creates font
files in normalized form, the WOFF 2.0 conversion is guaranteed to be
lossless (in a bitwise sense) only for normalized font files. */
namespace woff2 {
struct Font;
struct FontCollection;
// Changes the offset fields of the table headers so that the data for the
// tables will be written in order of increasing tag values, without any gaps
// other than the 4-byte padding.
bool NormalizeOffsets(Font* font);
// Changes the checksum fields of the table headers and the checksum field of
// the head table so that it matches the current data.
bool FixChecksums(Font* font);
// Parses each of the glyphs in the font and writes them again to the glyf
// table in normalized form, as defined by the StoreGlyph() function. Changes
// the loca table accordigly.
bool NormalizeGlyphs(Font* font);
// Performs all of the normalization steps above.
bool NormalizeFont(Font* font);
bool NormalizeFontCollection(FontCollection* font_collection);
} // namespace woff2
#endif // WOFF2_NORMALIZE_H_