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from urllib import urlencode
from urllib2 import urlopen
from urlparse import urljoin
class Forcer:
maxProperties = 3
"""A Forcer knows how to force a build through the Buildbot web interface
given the base URL to the master (masterUrl) and the builder name.
You can pass name, comments, branch, revision, or properties to
forceBuild() and they will be included in the POST
def __init__(self, masterUrl, builder, loud=True):
self.masterUrl = masterUrl
self.builder = builder
self.forceUrl = urljoin(masterUrl, 'builders/%s/force' % builder)
self.loud = loud
def getArgs(self, name, comments, branch, revision, properties):
if len(properties) > self.maxProperties:
raise Exception("*** ERROR: Cannot pass more than 3 properties")
args = {'username': name, 'comments': comments}
if branch:
args['branch'] = branch
if revision:
args['revision'] = revision
i = 1
for key, value in properties.iteritems():
p = "property%d" % i
args['%sname' % p] = key
args['%svalue' % p] = value
i += 1
return args
def forceBuild(self, name="Unknown", comments="Unknown", branch=None,
revision=None, properties={}):
args = self.getArgs(name, comments, branch, revision, properties)
params = urlencode(args)
request = None
if self.loud:
print "Forcing %s with params: %s" % (self.forceUrl, str(args))
request = urlopen(self.forceUrl, params)
if self.loud:
print "*** ERROR ***"
# If we get past the try block, we assume success