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#!/bin/bash -eu
export PATH='/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/bin:/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/home/cltbld/bin'
PYTHON=`which python`
# MAGIC NUMBERS (global)
# used to determine how long we sleep when...
SUCCESS_WAIT=200 # ... seconds after we startup buildbot
FAIL_WAIT=500 # ... seconds after we stop buildbot due to error.flg
log() {
echo "$(date +"%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S") -- ${1}" >&2
death() {
log "*** ERROR *** ${1}"
exit "${2}"
function check_buildbot_running() {
# returns success if running
# !0 if not running
local device=$1
if [ ! -f /builds/$device/ ]; then
return 1
local expected_pid=`cat /builds/$device/`
log "buildbot pid is $expected_pid"
kill -0 $expected_pid >/dev/null 2>&1
return $?
function device_check_exit() {
local device="${1}"
rm -f "/builds/${device}/watcher.lock"
log "Cycle for our device (${device}) complete" >>"/builds/${device}/watcher.log" 2>&1
function device_check() {
local device=$1
export PYTHONPATH=/builds/sut_tools
deviceIP="$(nslookup "${device}" 2>/dev/null | sed -n '/^Name/,$s/^Address: *//p')"
# 43200s = 12 hours - this is when stale lockfiles will get cleaned up
if ! lockfile -l 43200 -r0 "/builds/${device}/watcher.lock" >/dev/null 2>&1; then
death "failed to aquire lockfile" 67
log_message="Starting cycle for our device ($device = $deviceIP) now"
log "##${log_message//?/#}##"
log "# ${log_message} #"
log "##${log_message//?/#}##"
# Trap here, not earlier so that if lockfile fails, we don't clear the lock
# From another process
trap "device_check_exit $device" EXIT
log "contacting slavealloc"
if ! check_buildbot_running "${device}"; then
rm -f "/builds/${device}/disabled.flg"
log "Buildbot is not running"
/builds/tools/buildfarm/mobile/ gettac $device
if grep -q "SLAVE DISABLED" /builds/$device/buildbot.tac; then
death "Not Starting, slavealloc says we're disabled" 64
if [ -f /builds/$device/error.flg ]; then
log "error.flg file detected"
local contents=`cat /builds/$device/error.flg`
log "error.flg contents: $contents"
# Clear flag if older than an hour
if [ `find /builds/$device/error.flg -mmin +60` ]; then
log "removing $device error.flg (older than an hour) and trying again"
rm -f /builds/$device/error.flg
death "Error flag less than an hour old, so exiting" 65
export SUT_NAME=$device
export SUT_IP=$deviceIP
if ! "${PYTHON}" /builds/sut_tools/ --success-if-mozpool-ready $device; then
log "Verify procedure failed"
if [ ! -f /builds/$device/error.flg ]; then
log "error.flg file does not exist, so creating it..."
echo "Unknown verify failure" | tee "/builds/$device/error.flg"
death "Exiting due to verify failure" 66
log "starting buildbot slave"
/builds/tools/buildfarm/mobile/ start $device
log "Sleeping for ${SUCCESS_WAIT} sec after startup, to prevent premature flag killing"
sleep ${SUCCESS_WAIT} # wait a bit before checking for an error flag or otherwise
else # buildbot running
log "(heartbeat) buildbot is running"
if [ -f /builds/$device/error.flg ]; then
log "Found an error.flg, expecting buildbot to self-kill after this job"
local contents=`cat /builds/$device/error.flg`
log "error.flg contents: $contents"
if [ -f /builds/$device/disabled.flg ]; then
log "disabled.flg wants us to force kill buildbot..."
set +e # These steps are ok to fail, not a great thing but not critical
log "Stopping device $device..."
"${PYTHON}" /builds/sut_tools/ --device $device
# should really do foopy cleanups and not touch device
log "Attempting cleanup of device $device..."
SUT_NAME=$device python /builds/sut_tools/ $device
set -e
log "sleeping for ${FAIL_WAIT} seconds after killing, to prevent startup before master notices"
sleep ${FAIL_WAIT} # Wait a while before allowing us to turn buildbot back on
# Force disable only once. If we got this far, then we did all that we must.
# Don't act on it next cycle.
rm -f "/builds/${device}/disabled.flg"
function watch_launcher(){
log "STARTING Watcher"
ls -d /builds/panda-*[0-9] 2>/dev/null | sed 's:.*/::' | while read device; do
log "..checking $device"
"${0}" "${device}" &
log "Watcher completed."
if [ "$#" -eq 0 ]; then
watch_launcher 2>&1 | tee -a "/builds/watcher.log"
device_check "${device}" >>"/builds/${device}/watcher.log" 2>&1