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winrm.exe: rm.obj
link rm.obj -out:winrm.exe
rm.obj: rm.cpp
cl -c rm.cpp -out:rm.obj
test: winrm.exe
@echo Testing single file operations
touch norm ro rosys sys
attrib +s sys
attrib +r ro
attrib +r +s rosys
winrm.exe -v -f norm ro rosys sys
@echo Testing single and empty directory operations
mkdir testdir
winrm.exe -r -v testdir
@echo Testing a single level of recursive delete
mkdir test
touch test/file1 test/file2
winrm.exe -r -f -v test
@echo Testing arbitrary levels of recursive delete
mkdir -p dir1/dir2/dir3
touch dir1/file1 dir1/dir2/file2 dir1/dir2/dir3/file3
winrm.exe -v -r dir1
@echo Completed successfully
rm -rf rm.obj winrm.exe
.PHONY: clean test