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import cPickle
import sys
from import model, setup
def setup_argparse(subparsers):
subparser = subparsers.add_parser('dbdump', help="""dump the slavealloc
database to a file suitable for use with dbinit. Note that this
does not use the API, but reads from the database directly.""")
subparser.add_argument('-D', '--db', dest='dburl',
help="""SQLAlchemy database URL; defaults to slavealloc.db in the
current dir""")
subparser.add_argument('dumpfile', nargs='?',
help="""filename to dump to; default is standard output""")
return subparser
def process_args(subparser, args):
# This format is meant to support debugging dumps of the database, and not for
# long-term storage, so there is no provision for versioning -- as the db
# schema changes, the file format wil change.
# The file contains a single pickled dictionary with keys for each table. Each
# key points to a list of rows in a format suitable for use with insert().
def main(args):
def dump_tbl(table):
res =
return [dict(row) for row in res]
rv = dict((tname, dump_tbl(
tbl)) for (tname, tbl) in model.metadata.tables.items())
output = sys.stdout
if args.dumpfile:
output = open(args.dumpfile, "w")
cPickle.dump(rv, output)