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import sys
from slavealloc.scripts import disable
def setup_argparse(subparsers):
subparser = subparsers.add_parser(
'enable', help='enable a slave, allowing it to start')
subparser.add_argument('slave', help="slave to enable")
subparser.add_argument('-m', '--message',
dest='message', help="new slave notes")
return subparser
def process_args(subparser, args):
if not args.slave:
subparser.error("slave name is required")
if '.' in ''.join(args.slave):
"slave name must not contain '.'; give the unqualified hostname")
def main(args):
if args.message is None:
print >>sys.stderr, "NOTE: not clearing slave notes"
return disable.set_enabled(args, args.slave, True, args.message)