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import collections
from copy import copy
class ChunkingError(Exception):
def getChunk(things, chunks, thisChunk):
if thisChunk > chunks:
raise ChunkingError("thisChunk (%d) is greater than total chunks (%d)" %
(thisChunk, chunks))
possibleThings = copy(things)
nThings = len(possibleThings)
for c in range(1, chunks + 1):
n = nThings / chunks
# If our things aren't evenly divisible by the number of chunks
# we need to append one more onto some of them
if c <= (nThings % chunks):
n += 1
if c == thisChunk:
return possibleThings[0:n]
del possibleThings[0:n]
# From
def recursive_update(d, u):
for k, v in u.iteritems():
if isinstance(v, collections.Mapping):
r = recursive_update(d.get(k, {}), v)
d[k] = r
d[k] = u[k]
return d