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2010-03-02 Ben Finney <>
Version 1.5.5 released.
* Stop using pkg_resources and revert to pre-1.5.3 version-string
handling, until a better way that doesn't break everyone else's
installation can be found.
2010-02-27 Ben Finney <>
Version 1.5.4 released.
* Explicitly include version data file, otherwise
everything breaks for users of the sdist.
2010-02-26 Ben Finney <>
Version 1.5.3 released.
* daemon/ Invoke the pidfile context manager's ‘__exit__’
method with the correct arguments (as per
Thanks to Ludvig Ericson for the bug report.
* version: New plain-text data file to store project version string.
* Read version string from data file.
* daemon/version/ Query version string with ‘pkg_resources’.
2010-01-20 Ben Finney <>
* Add ‘pylint’ configuration for this project.
* Update copyright notices.
2009-10-24 Ben Finney <>
Version 1.5.2 released.
2009-10-19 Ben Finney <>
* Ensure we only prevent core dumps if ‘prevent_core’ is true.
Thanks to Denis Bilenko for reporting the lacking implementation of
this documented option.
2009-09-28 Ben Finney <>
* Add initial Frequently Asked Questions document.
2009-09-26 Ben Finney <>
Version 1.5.1 released.
* Make a separate collection of DaemonRunner test scenarios.
* Handle a start request with a timeout on the PID file lock acquire.
2009-09-24 Ben Finney <>
* Implement ‘TimeoutPIDLockFile’ to specify a timeout in advance of
lock acquisition.
* Use lock with timeout for ‘DaemonRunner’.
2009-09-24 Ben Finney <>
Version 1.5 released.
* Make a separate collection of PIDLockFile test scenarios.
2009-09-23 Ben Finney <>
* Raise specific errors on ‘DaemonRunner’ failures.
* Distinguish different conditions on reading and parsing PID file.
* Refactor code to ‘_terminate_daemon_process’ method.
* Improve explanations in comments and docstrings.
* Don't set pidfile at all if no path specified to constructor.
* Write the PID file using correct OS locking and permissions.
* Close the PID file after writing.
* Implement PIDLockFile as subclass of lockfile.LinkFileLock’.
* Remove redundant checks for file existence.
2009-09-18 Ben Finney <>
* Manage the excluded file descriptors as a set (not a list).
* Only inspect the file descriptor of streams if they actually have
one (via a fileno method) when determining which file descriptors
to close. Thanks to Ask Solem for revealing this bug.
2009-09-17 Ben Finney <>
Version 1.4.8 released.
* Remove child-exit signal (‘SIGCLD’, SIGCHLD’) from default signal
map. Thanks to Joel Martin for pinpointing this issue.
* Document requirement for ensuring any operating-system specific
signal handlers are considered.
* Refactor fork_then_exit_parent functionality to avoid duplicate
* Remove redundant imports.
* Remove unused code from unit test suite scaffold.
* Add specific license terms for unit test suite scaffold.
2009-09-03 Ben Finney <>
Version 1.4.7 released.
2009-09-02 Ben Finney <>
* Fix keywords argument for distribution setup.
* Exclude test package from distribution installation.
2009-06-21 Ben Finney <>
Version 1.4.6 released.
* Update documentation for changes from latest PEP 3143 revision.
* Implement DaemonContext.is_open method.
2009-05-17 Ben Finney <>
Version 1.4.5 released.
* Register DaemonContext.close method for atexit processing.
* Move PID file cleanup to close method.
* Improve docstrings by reference to, and copy from, PEP 3143.
* Use mock checking capabilities of newer MiniMock library.
* Automate building a versioned distribution tarball.
* Include developer documentation files in source distribution.
2009-03-26 Ben Finney <>
Version 1.4.4 released.
* Conform to current PEP version, now released as PEP 3143 Standard
daemon process library”.
* Ensure UID and GID are set in correct order.
* Delay closing all open files until just before re-binding standard
* Redirect standard streams to null device by default.
2009-03-19 Ben Finney <>
Version 1.4.3 released.
* Close the PID file context on exit.
2009-03-18 Ben Finney <>
Version 1.4.2 released.
* Context manager methods for DaemonContext.
2009-03-18 Ben Finney <>
Version 1.4.1 released.
* Improvements to docstrings.
* Further conformance with draft PEP.
2009-03-17 Ben Finney <>
Version 1.4 released.
* Implement the interface from a draft PEP for process daemonisation.
* Complete statement coverage from unit test suite.
2009-03-12 Ben Finney <>
Version 1.3 released.
* Separate controller (now DaemonRunner’) from daemon process
context (now DaemonContext’).
* Fix many corner cases and bugs.
* Huge increase in unit test suite.
2009-01-27 Ben Finney <>
Version 1.2 released.
* Initial release of this project forked from bda.daemon’. Thanks,
Robert Niederreiter.
* Refactor some functionality out to helper functions.
* Begin unit test suite.
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