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"""Run in a buildbot master directory once the master is shut down to
purge old events from the builder files.
NB: The master must be shut down for this to work!"""
import cPickle
import os
import shutil
for f in os.listdir("."):
builder_file = os.path.join(f, "builder")
if os.path.isdir(f) and os.path.exists(builder_file):
builder = cPickle.load(open(builder_file))
if builder.category == 'release':
print "Skipping", builder_file
print "Backing up", builder_file
shutil.copyfile(builder_file, builder_file + ".bak")
# Set some dummy attributes that get deleted by __getstate__
builder.currentBigState = None
builder.basedir = None
builder.status = None
builder.nextBuildNumber = None
# Truncate to 500 events =[-500:]
print "Writing", builder_file
cPickle.dump(builder, open(builder_file, "w"))