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#!/usr/bin/env python
import cgitb; cgitb.enable()
import sys
import cgi
import re
import urllib2
import urllib
import subprocess
import os
MASTER = 'localhost'
PORT = '9010'
MASTERPATH = "/builds/buildbot/production-addons"
ENV = os.environ.copy()
#if var is a valid number returns a value other than None
def checkNumber(var):
if var is None:
return None
reNumber = re.compile('^[0-9.]*$')
return reNumber.match(var)
#if var is a valid string returns a value other than None
def checkString(var):
if var is None:
return None
reString = re.compile('^[0-9A-Za-z\._\-+/%]*$')
return reString.match(var)
#return full url to a release build of the correct version for the given os
def getBuildUrl(firefoxVersion, osVersion):
buildUrl = ''
buildInfo = {}
buildInfo['win32'] = ["win32/en-US/", '"Firefox[^"]*.exe"']
buildInfo['win64'] = ["win32/en-US/", '"Firefox[^"]*.exe"']
buildInfo['macosx'] = ["mac/en-US/", '"Firefox[^"]*.dmg"']
buildInfo['macosx64'] = ["mac/en-US/", '"Firefox[^"]*.dmg"']
buildInfo['linux'] = ["linux-i686/en-US/", '"firefox[^"]*.tar.bz2"']
buildInfo['linux64'] = ["linux-x86_64/en-US/", '"firefox[^"]*.tar.bz2"']
if osVersion in buildInfo:
releaseUrl = "" % (firefoxVersion, buildInfo[osVersion][0])
f = urllib2.urlopen(releaseUrl)
file =
match =[osVersion][1], file)
if match:
buildPath ='"')
buildUrl = releaseUrl + buildPath
print "ERROR: getBuildUrl: no buildInfo for given osVersion %s" % (osVersion,)
except Exception, e:
print "ERROR: buildUrl construction: ", e.__class__, e, firefoxVersion, osVersion
buildUrl = ''
return buildUrl
#attempt to open the given addonUrl, provides error messages if the url is bad or the server is unreachable
def pingUrl(myUrl):
res = urllib2.urlopen(urllib.unquote_plus(myUrl).replace('%3A', ':'))
return myUrl
except urllib2.URLError, e:
if hasattr(e, 'reason'):
print 'ERROR: pingUrl: %s' % (e.reason,)
elif hasattr(e, 'code'):
print 'ERROR: pingUrl, server error: %s' % (e.code,)
except Exception, e:
print "ERROR: pingUrl: ", e.__class__, e, myUrl
return ''
print "Content-type: text/plain\n\n"
form = cgi.FieldStorage()
# incoming trigger string has the following parameters:
# os, one of linux/linux64/macosx/macosx64/win32/win64
# url, link to addon to be downloaded and tested for the given os
# firefox, of the format firefoxX.Y (eg, firefox3.5, firefox4.0, etc)
fields = ["os", "url", "firefox"]
os = None
url = None
firefox = None
#get form values and ensure that they are valid
for field in fields:
if form.has_key(field):
form[field].value = urllib.quote_plus(form[field].value, '/')
print "INFO: validating key %s %s" % (field, form[field].value)
if checkString(form[field].value):
globals()[field] = form[field].value
#check values for correctness
if (None in (os, url, firefox)):
print "ERROR: didn't get all necessary fields"
#check os for correctness
if (not (os in ('linux', 'linux64', 'macosx', 'macosx64', 'win32', 'win64'))):
print "ERROR: invalid os specified: %s" % (os,)
#check firefox version for correctness
match ='firefox(\d\.\d)', firefox)
if match:
firefox = #reduce down to the version number
print "ERROR: invalid firefox specified: %s" % (firefox,)
#check addon url for correctness
url = pingUrl(url)
if not url:
print "ERROR: addon url no good"
print "INFO: collected fields:\n\tos: %s\n\turl: %s\n\tfirefox: %s\n\t" % (os, url, firefox)
buildUrl = getBuildUrl(firefox, os)
if not buildUrl:
print "ERROR: buildUrl no good"
print "INFO: converted firefox to: %s" % (buildUrl,)
#run sendchange
cmdline = "%s/bin/buildbot sendchange --master=%s:%s --branch=addontester-%s-talos --username=addonWebDevice --property addonUrl:%s %s" % (MASTERPATH, MASTER, PORT, os, url, buildUrl)
print "INFO: running command: %s" % (cmdline,)
pipe = subprocess.Popen(cmdline, shell=True, env=ENV, stdout=-1).stdout
data =
print "SENDCHANGE: %s" % (data,)
except Exception, e:
print "SENDCHANGE: ", e.__class__, e, cmdline