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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*-
* vim: set ts=8 sts=4 et sw=4 tw=99:
* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
* Definitions for managing off-main-thread work using a process wide list
* of worklist items and pool of threads. Worklist items are engine internal,
* and are distinct from e.g. web workers.
#ifndef vm_HelperThreads_h
#define vm_HelperThreads_h
#include "mozilla/GuardObjects.h"
#include "mozilla/PodOperations.h"
#include "mozilla/Variant.h"
#include "jscntxt.h"
#include "jslock.h"
#include "asmjs/WasmCompileArgs.h"
#include "frontend/TokenStream.h"
#include "jit/Ion.h"
namespace js {
struct HelperThread;
struct ParseTask;
namespace jit {
class IonBuilder;
} // namespace jit
namespace wasm {
struct CompileArgs;
class CompileTask;
class FuncIR;
class FunctionCompileResults;
typedef Vector<CompileTask*, 0, SystemAllocPolicy> CompileTaskVector;
} // namespace wasm
// Per-process state for off thread work items.
class GlobalHelperThreadState
// Number of CPUs to treat this machine as having when creating threads.
// May be accessed without locking.
size_t cpuCount;
// Number of threads to create. May be accessed without locking.
size_t threadCount;
typedef Vector<jit::IonBuilder*, 0, SystemAllocPolicy> IonBuilderVector;
typedef Vector<ParseTask*, 0, SystemAllocPolicy> ParseTaskVector;
typedef Vector<SourceCompressionTask*, 0, SystemAllocPolicy> SourceCompressionTaskVector;
typedef Vector<GCHelperState*, 0, SystemAllocPolicy> GCHelperStateVector;
typedef Vector<GCParallelTask*, 0, SystemAllocPolicy> GCParallelTaskVector;
typedef mozilla::LinkedList<jit::IonBuilder> IonBuilderList;
// List of available threads, or null if the thread state has not been initialized.
HelperThread* threads;
// The lists below are all protected by |lock|.
// Ion compilation worklist and finished jobs.
IonBuilderVector ionWorklist_, ionFinishedList_;
// List of IonBuilders using lazy linking pending to get linked.
IonBuilderList ionLazyLinkList_;
// wasm worklist and finished jobs.
wasm::CompileTaskVector wasmWorklist_, wasmFinishedList_;
// For now, only allow a single parallel asm.js compilation to happen at a
// time. This avoids race conditions on wasmWorklist/wasmFinishedList/etc.
mozilla::Atomic<bool> wasmCompilationInProgress;
// Script parsing/emitting worklist and finished jobs.
ParseTaskVector parseWorklist_, parseFinishedList_;
// Parse tasks waiting for an atoms-zone GC to complete.
ParseTaskVector parseWaitingOnGC_;
// Source compression worklist.
SourceCompressionTaskVector compressionWorklist_;
// Runtimes which have sweeping / allocating work to do.
GCHelperStateVector gcHelperWorklist_;
// GC tasks needing to be done in parallel.
GCParallelTaskVector gcParallelWorklist_;
size_t maxIonCompilationThreads() const;
size_t maxUnpausedIonCompilationThreads() const;
size_t maxWasmCompilationThreads() const;
size_t maxParseThreads() const;
size_t maxCompressionThreads() const;
size_t maxGCHelperThreads() const;
size_t maxGCParallelThreads() const;
bool ensureInitialized();
void finish();
void finishThreads();
void lock();
void unlock();
#ifdef DEBUG
bool isLocked();
enum CondVar {
// For notifying threads waiting for work that they may be able to make progress.
// For notifying threads doing work that they may be able to make progress.
// For notifying threads doing work which are paused that they may be
// able to resume making progress.
void wait(CondVar which, uint32_t timeoutMillis = 0);
void notifyAll(CondVar which);
void notifyOne(CondVar which);
// Helper method for removing items from the vectors below while iterating over them.
template <typename T>
void remove(T& vector, size_t* index)
vector[(*index)--] = vector.back();
IonBuilderVector& ionWorklist() {
return ionWorklist_;
IonBuilderVector& ionFinishedList() {
return ionFinishedList_;
IonBuilderList& ionLazyLinkList() {
"Should only be mutated by the main thread.");
return ionLazyLinkList_;
wasm::CompileTaskVector& wasmWorklist() {
return wasmWorklist_;
wasm::CompileTaskVector& wasmFinishedList() {
return wasmFinishedList_;
ParseTaskVector& parseWorklist() {
return parseWorklist_;
ParseTaskVector& parseFinishedList() {
return parseFinishedList_;
ParseTaskVector& parseWaitingOnGC() {
return parseWaitingOnGC_;
SourceCompressionTaskVector& compressionWorklist() {
return compressionWorklist_;
GCHelperStateVector& gcHelperWorklist() {
return gcHelperWorklist_;
GCParallelTaskVector& gcParallelWorklist() {
return gcParallelWorklist_;
bool canStartWasmCompile();
bool canStartIonCompile();
bool canStartParseTask();
bool canStartCompressionTask();
bool canStartGCHelperTask();
bool canStartGCParallelTask();
// Unlike the methods above, the value returned by this method can change
// over time, even if the helper thread state lock is held throughout.
bool pendingIonCompileHasSufficientPriority();
jit::IonBuilder* highestPriorityPendingIonCompile(bool remove = false);
HelperThread* lowestPriorityUnpausedIonCompileAtThreshold();
HelperThread* highestPriorityPausedIonCompile();
uint32_t harvestFailedWasmJobs() {
uint32_t n = numWasmFailedJobs;
numWasmFailedJobs = 0;
return n;
void noteWasmFailure() {
// Be mindful to signal the main thread after calling this function.
bool wasmFailed() {
return bool(numWasmFailedJobs);
* Number of wasm jobs that encountered failure for the active module.
* Their parent is logically the main thread, and this number serves for harvesting.
uint32_t numWasmFailedJobs;
JSScript* finishParseTask(JSContext* maybecx, JSRuntime* rt, void* token);
void mergeParseTaskCompartment(JSRuntime* rt, ParseTask* parseTask,
Handle<GlobalObject*> global,
JSCompartment* dest);
bool compressionInProgress(SourceCompressionTask* task);
SourceCompressionTask* compressionTaskForSource(ScriptSource* ss);
bool hasActiveThreads();
void waitForAllThreads();
template <typename T>
bool checkTaskThreadLimit(size_t maxThreads) const;
* Lock protecting all mutable shared state accessed by helper threads, and
* used by all condition variables.
PRLock* helperLock;
mozilla::DebugOnly<mozilla::Atomic<PRThread*>> lockOwner;
/* Condvars for threads waiting/notifying each other. */
PRCondVar* consumerWakeup;
PRCondVar* producerWakeup;
PRCondVar* pauseWakeup;
PRCondVar* whichWakeup(CondVar which) {
switch (which) {
case CONSUMER: return consumerWakeup;
case PRODUCER: return producerWakeup;
case PAUSE: return pauseWakeup;
default: MOZ_CRASH();
static inline GlobalHelperThreadState&
extern GlobalHelperThreadState* gHelperThreadState;
return *gHelperThreadState;
/* Individual helper thread, one allocated per core. */
struct HelperThread
mozilla::Maybe<PerThreadData> threadData;
PRThread* thread;
* Indicate to a thread that it should terminate itself. This is only read
* or written with the helper thread state lock held.
bool terminate;
* Indicate to a thread that it should pause execution. This is only
* written with the helper thread state lock held, but may be read from
* without the lock held.
mozilla::Atomic<bool, mozilla::Relaxed> pause;
/* The current task being executed by this thread, if any. */
GCParallelTask*>> currentTask;
bool idle() const {
return currentTask.isNothing();
/* Any builder currently being compiled by Ion on this thread. */
jit::IonBuilder* ionBuilder() {
return maybeCurrentTaskAs<jit::IonBuilder*>();
/* Any wasm data currently being optimized by Ion on this thread. */
wasm::CompileTask* wasmTask() {
return maybeCurrentTaskAs<wasm::CompileTask*>();
/* Any source being parsed/emitted on this thread. */
ParseTask* parseTask() {
return maybeCurrentTaskAs<ParseTask*>();
/* Any source being compressed on this thread. */
SourceCompressionTask* compressionTask() {
return maybeCurrentTaskAs<SourceCompressionTask*>();
/* Any GC state for background sweeping or allocating being performed. */
GCHelperState* gcHelperTask() {
return maybeCurrentTaskAs<GCHelperState*>();
/* State required to perform a GC parallel task. */
GCParallelTask* gcParallelTask() {
return maybeCurrentTaskAs<GCParallelTask*>();
void destroy();
static void ThreadMain(void* arg);
void threadLoop();
template <typename T>
T maybeCurrentTaskAs() {
if (currentTask.isSome() && currentTask->is<T>())
return currentTask->as<T>();
return nullptr;
void handleWasmWorkload();
void handleIonWorkload();
void handleParseWorkload();
void handleCompressionWorkload();
void handleGCHelperWorkload();
void handleGCParallelWorkload();
/* Methods for interacting with helper threads. */
// Create data structures used by helper threads.
// Destroy data structures used by helper threads.
// Initialize helper threads unless already initialized.
// This allows the JS shell to override GetCPUCount() when passed the
// --thread-count=N option.
SetFakeCPUCount(size_t count);
// Pause the current thread until it's pause flag is unset.
/* Perform MIR optimization and LIR generation on a single function. */
StartOffThreadWasmCompile(ExclusiveContext* cx, wasm::CompileTask* task);
* Schedule an Ion compilation for a script, given a builder which has been
* generated and read everything needed from the VM state.
StartOffThreadIonCompile(JSContext* cx, jit::IonBuilder* builder);
* Cancel a scheduled or in progress Ion compilation for script. If script is
* nullptr, all compilations for the compartment are cancelled.
CancelOffThreadIonCompile(JSCompartment* compartment, JSScript* script);
/* Cancel all scheduled, in progress or finished parses for runtime. */
CancelOffThreadParses(JSRuntime* runtime);
* Start a parse/emit cycle for a stream of source. The characters must stay
* alive until the compilation finishes.
StartOffThreadParseScript(JSContext* cx, const ReadOnlyCompileOptions& options,
const char16_t* chars, size_t length,
JS::OffThreadCompileCallback callback, void* callbackData);
* Called at the end of GC to enqueue any Parse tasks that were waiting on an
* atoms-zone GC to finish.
EnqueuePendingParseTasksAfterGC(JSRuntime* rt);
struct AutoEnqueuePendingParseTasksAfterGC {
const gc::GCRuntime& gc_;
explicit AutoEnqueuePendingParseTasksAfterGC(const gc::GCRuntime& gc) : gc_(gc) {}
/* Start a compression job for the specified token. */
StartOffThreadCompression(ExclusiveContext* cx, SourceCompressionTask* task);
class MOZ_RAII AutoLockHelperThreadState
explicit AutoLockHelperThreadState(MOZ_GUARD_OBJECT_NOTIFIER_ONLY_PARAM)
~AutoLockHelperThreadState() {
class MOZ_RAII AutoUnlockHelperThreadState
explicit AutoUnlockHelperThreadState(MOZ_GUARD_OBJECT_NOTIFIER_ONLY_PARAM)
struct ParseTask
ExclusiveContext* cx;
OwningCompileOptions options;
const char16_t* chars;
size_t length;
LifoAlloc alloc;
// Rooted pointer to the global object used by 'cx'.
PersistentRootedObject exclusiveContextGlobal;
// Callback invoked off the main thread when the parse finishes.
JS::OffThreadCompileCallback callback;
void* callbackData;
// Holds the final script between the invocation of the callback and the
// point where FinishOffThreadScript is called, which will destroy the
// ParseTask.
PersistentRootedScript script;
// Holds the ScriptSourceObject generated for the script compilation.
PersistentRooted<ScriptSourceObject*> sourceObject;
// Any errors or warnings produced during compilation. These are reported
// when finishing the script.
Vector<frontend::CompileError*> errors;
bool overRecursed;
ParseTask(ExclusiveContext* cx, JSObject* exclusiveContextGlobal,
JSContext* initCx, const char16_t* chars, size_t length,
JS::OffThreadCompileCallback callback, void* callbackData);
bool init(JSContext* cx, const ReadOnlyCompileOptions& options);
void activate(JSRuntime* rt);
bool finish(JSContext* cx);
bool runtimeMatches(JSRuntime* rt) {
return exclusiveContextGlobal->runtimeFromAnyThread() == rt;
// Return whether, if a new parse task was started, it would need to wait for
// an in-progress GC to complete before starting.
extern bool
OffThreadParsingMustWaitForGC(JSRuntime* rt);
// Compression tasks are allocated on the stack by their triggering thread,
// which will block on the compression completing as the task goes out of scope
// to ensure it completes at the required time.
struct SourceCompressionTask
friend class ScriptSource;
friend struct HelperThread;
// Thread performing the compression.
HelperThread* helperThread;
// Context from the triggering thread. Don't use this off thread!
ExclusiveContext* cx;
ScriptSource* ss;
// Atomic flag to indicate to a helper thread that it should abort
// compression on the source.
mozilla::Atomic<bool, mozilla::Relaxed> abort_;
// Stores the result of the compression.
enum ResultType {
} result;
void* compressed;
size_t compressedBytes;
HashNumber compressedHash;
explicit SourceCompressionTask(ExclusiveContext* cx)
: helperThread(nullptr), cx(cx), ss(nullptr), abort_(false),
result(OOM), compressed(nullptr), compressedBytes(0), compressedHash(0)
ResultType work();
bool complete();
void abort() { abort_ = true; }
bool active() const { return !!ss; }
ScriptSource* source() { return ss; }
} /* namespace js */
#endif /* vm_HelperThreads_h */