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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*-
* vim: set ts=8 sts=4 et sw=4 tw=99:
* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef vm_JSONParser_h
#define vm_JSONParser_h
#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"
#include "mozilla/Range.h"
#include "jspubtd.h"
#include "ds/IdValuePair.h"
#include "vm/String.h"
namespace js {
// JSONParser base class. JSONParser is templatized to work on either Latin1
// or TwoByte input strings, JSONParserBase holds all state and methods that
// can be shared between the two encodings.
enum ErrorHandling { RaiseError, NoError };
/* Data members */
Value v;
JSContext * const cx;
const ErrorHandling errorHandling;
enum Token { String, Number, True, False, Null,
ArrayOpen, ArrayClose,
ObjectOpen, ObjectClose,
Colon, Comma,
OOM, Error };
// State related to the parser's current position. At all points in the
// parse this keeps track of the stack of arrays and objects which have
// been started but not finished yet. The actual JS object is not
// allocated until the literal is closed, so that the result can be sized
// according to its contents and have its type and shape filled in using
// caches.
// State for an array that is currently being parsed. This includes all
// elements that have been seen so far.
typedef Vector<Value, 20> ElementVector;
// State for an object that is currently being parsed. This includes all
// the key/value pairs that have been seen so far.
typedef Vector<IdValuePair, 10> PropertyVector;
// Possible states the parser can be in between values.
enum ParserState {
// An array element has just being parsed.
// An object property has just been parsed.
// At the start of the parse, before any values have been processed.
// Stack element for an in progress array or object.
struct StackEntry {
ElementVector& elements() {
MOZ_ASSERT(state == FinishArrayElement);
return * static_cast<ElementVector*>(vector);
PropertyVector& properties() {
MOZ_ASSERT(state == FinishObjectMember);
return * static_cast<PropertyVector*>(vector);
explicit StackEntry(ElementVector* elements)
: state(FinishArrayElement), vector(elements)
explicit StackEntry(PropertyVector* properties)
: state(FinishObjectMember), vector(properties)
ParserState state;
void* vector;
// All in progress arrays and objects being parsed, in order from outermost
// to innermost.
Vector<StackEntry, 10> stack;
// Unused element and property vectors for previous in progress arrays and
// objects. These vectors are not freed until the end of the parse to avoid
// unnecessary freeing and allocation.
Vector<ElementVector*, 5> freeElements;
Vector<PropertyVector*, 5> freeProperties;
#ifdef DEBUG
Token lastToken;
JSONParserBase(JSContext* cx, ErrorHandling errorHandling)
: cx(cx),
#ifdef DEBUG
, lastToken(Error)
// Allow move construction for use with Rooted.
JSONParserBase(JSONParserBase&& other)
: v(other.v),
#ifdef DEBUG
, lastToken(mozilla::Move(other.lastToken))
Value numberValue() const {
MOZ_ASSERT(lastToken == Number);
return v;
Value stringValue() const {
MOZ_ASSERT(lastToken == String);
return v;
JSAtom* atomValue() const {
Value strval = stringValue();
return &strval.toString()->asAtom();
Token token(Token t) {
MOZ_ASSERT(t != String);
MOZ_ASSERT(t != Number);
#ifdef DEBUG
lastToken = t;
return t;
Token stringToken(JSString* str) {
this->v = StringValue(str);
#ifdef DEBUG
lastToken = String;
return String;
Token numberToken(double d) {
this->v = NumberValue(d);
#ifdef DEBUG
lastToken = Number;
return Number;
enum StringType { PropertyName, LiteralValue };
bool errorReturn();
bool finishObject(MutableHandleValue vp, PropertyVector& properties);
bool finishArray(MutableHandleValue vp, ElementVector& elements);
void trace(JSTracer* trc);
JSONParserBase(const JSONParserBase& other) = delete;
void operator=(const JSONParserBase& other) = delete;
template <typename CharT>
class MOZ_STACK_CLASS JSONParser : public JSONParserBase,
public JS::Traceable
typedef mozilla::RangedPtr<const CharT> CharPtr;
CharPtr current;
const CharPtr begin, end;
/* Public API */
/* Create a parser for the provided JSON data. */
JSONParser(JSContext* cx, mozilla::Range<const CharT> data,
ErrorHandling errorHandling = RaiseError)
: JSONParserBase(cx, errorHandling),
MOZ_ASSERT(current <= end);
/* Allow move construction for use with Rooted. */
JSONParser(JSONParser&& other)
: JSONParserBase(mozilla::Forward<JSONParser>(other)),
* Parse the JSON data specified at construction time. If it parses
* successfully, store the prescribed value in *vp and return true. If an
* internal error (e.g. OOM) occurs during parsing, return false.
* Otherwise, if invalid input was specifed but no internal error occurred,
* behavior depends upon the error handling specified at construction: if
* error handling is RaiseError then throw a SyntaxError and return false,
* otherwise return true and set *vp to |undefined|. (JSON syntax can't
* represent |undefined|, so the JSON data couldn't have specified it.)
bool parse(MutableHandleValue vp);
static void trace(JSONParser<CharT>* parser, JSTracer* trc) { parser->trace(trc); }
void trace(JSTracer* trc) { JSONParserBase::trace(trc); }
template<StringType ST> Token readString();
Token readNumber();
Token advance();
Token advancePropertyName();
Token advancePropertyColon();
Token advanceAfterProperty();
Token advanceAfterObjectOpen();
Token advanceAfterArrayElement();
void error(const char* msg);
void getTextPosition(uint32_t* column, uint32_t* line);
JSONParser(const JSONParser& other) = delete;
void operator=(const JSONParser& other) = delete;
template <typename CharT>
struct RootedBase<JSONParser<CharT>> {
bool parse(MutableHandleValue vp) {
return static_cast<Rooted<JSONParser<CharT>>*>(this)->get().parse(vp);
} /* namespace js */
#endif /* vm_JSONParser_h */