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import argparse
import os
import re
from ..wpt.testfiles import branch_point, files_changed, affected_testfiles
from tools import localpaths
from six import iteritems
wpt_root = os.path.abspath(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), os.pardir, os.pardir))
# Rules are just regex on the path, with a leading ! indicating a regex that must not
# match for the job
job_path_map = {
"stability": [".*/.*",
"lint": [".*"],
"resources_unittest": ["resources/"],
"tools_unittest": ["tools/"],
"wptrunner_unittest": ["tools/wptrunner/*"],
"build_css": ["css/"],
"update_built": ["2dcontext/",
"wpt_integration": ["tools/"],
class Ruleset(object):
def __init__(self, rules):
self.include = []
self.exclude = []
for rule in rules:
def add_rule(self, rule):
if rule.startswith("!"):
target = self.exclude
rule = rule[1:]
target = self.include
target.append(re.compile("^%s" % rule))
def __call__(self, path):
if os.path.sep != "/":
path = path.replace(os.path.sep, "/")
path = os.path.normcase(path)
for item in self.exclude:
if item.match(path):
return False
for item in self.include:
if item.match(path):
return True
return False
def __repr__(self):
subs = tuple(",".join(item.pattern for item in target)
for target in (self.include, self.exclude))
return "Rules<include:[%s] exclude:[%s]>" % subs
def get_paths(**kwargs):
if kwargs["revish"] is None:
revish = "%s..HEAD" % branch_point()
revish = kwargs["revish"]
changed, _ = files_changed(revish)
all_changed = set(os.path.relpath(item, wpt_root)
for item in set(changed))
return all_changed
def get_jobs(paths, **kwargs):
jobs = set()
rules = {}
includes = kwargs.get("includes")
if includes is not None:
includes = set(includes)
for key, value in iteritems(job_path_map):
if includes is None or key in includes:
rules[key] = Ruleset(value)
for path in paths:
for job in list(rules.keys()):
ruleset = rules[job]
if ruleset(path):
if not rules:
return jobs
def create_parser():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument("revish", default=None, help="Commits to consider. Defaults to the commits on the current branch", nargs="?")
parser.add_argument("--includes", default=None, help="Jobs to check for. Return code is 0 if all jobs are found, otherwise 1", nargs="*")
return parser
def run(**kwargs):
paths = get_paths(**kwargs)
jobs = get_jobs(paths, **kwargs)
if not kwargs["includes"]:
for item in sorted(jobs):
return 0 if set(kwargs["includes"]) == jobs else 1