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// Copyright 2015 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "src/compiler/backend/instruction-scheduler.h"
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
namespace compiler {
bool InstructionScheduler::SchedulerSupported() { return true; }
int InstructionScheduler::GetTargetInstructionFlags(
const Instruction* instr) const {
switch (instr->arch_opcode()) {
case kArmAdd:
case kArmAnd:
case kArmBic:
case kArmClz:
case kArmCmp:
case kArmCmn:
case kArmTst:
case kArmTeq:
case kArmOrr:
case kArmEor:
case kArmSub:
case kArmRsb:
case kArmMul:
case kArmMla:
case kArmMls:
case kArmSmmul:
case kArmSmull:
case kArmSmmla:
case kArmUmull:
case kArmSdiv:
case kArmUdiv:
case kArmMov:
case kArmMvn:
case kArmBfc:
case kArmUbfx:
case kArmSbfx:
case kArmSxtb:
case kArmSxth:
case kArmSxtab:
case kArmSxtah:
case kArmUxtb:
case kArmUxth:
case kArmUxtab:
case kArmUxtah:
case kArmRbit:
case kArmRev:
case kArmAddPair:
case kArmSubPair:
case kArmMulPair:
case kArmLslPair:
case kArmLsrPair:
case kArmAsrPair:
case kArmVcmpF32:
case kArmVaddF32:
case kArmVsubF32:
case kArmVmulF32:
case kArmVmlaF32:
case kArmVmlsF32:
case kArmVdivF32:
case kArmVabsF32:
case kArmVnegF32:
case kArmVsqrtF32:
case kArmVcmpF64:
case kArmVaddF64:
case kArmVsubF64:
case kArmVmulF64:
case kArmVmlaF64:
case kArmVmlsF64:
case kArmVdivF64:
case kArmVmodF64:
case kArmVabsF64:
case kArmVnegF64:
case kArmVsqrtF64:
case kArmVrintmF32:
case kArmVrintmF64:
case kArmVrintpF32:
case kArmVrintpF64:
case kArmVrintzF32:
case kArmVrintzF64:
case kArmVrintaF64:
case kArmVrintnF32:
case kArmVrintnF64:
case kArmVcvtF32F64:
case kArmVcvtF64F32:
case kArmVcvtF32S32:
case kArmVcvtF32U32:
case kArmVcvtF64S32:
case kArmVcvtF64U32:
case kArmVcvtS32F32:
case kArmVcvtU32F32:
case kArmVcvtS32F64:
case kArmVcvtU32F64:
case kArmVmovU32F32:
case kArmVmovF32U32:
case kArmVmovLowU32F64:
case kArmVmovLowF64U32:
case kArmVmovHighU32F64:
case kArmVmovHighF64U32:
case kArmVmovF64U32U32:
case kArmVmovU32U32F64:
case kArmFloat32Max:
case kArmFloat64Max:
case kArmFloat32Min:
case kArmFloat64Min:
case kArmFloat64SilenceNaN:
case kArmF32x4Splat:
case kArmF32x4ExtractLane:
case kArmF32x4ReplaceLane:
case kArmF32x4SConvertI32x4:
case kArmF32x4UConvertI32x4:
case kArmF32x4Abs:
case kArmF32x4Neg:
case kArmF32x4RecipApprox:
case kArmF32x4RecipSqrtApprox:
case kArmF32x4Add:
case kArmF32x4AddHoriz:
case kArmF32x4Sub:
case kArmF32x4Mul:
case kArmF32x4Min:
case kArmF32x4Max:
case kArmF32x4Eq:
case kArmF32x4Ne:
case kArmF32x4Lt:
case kArmF32x4Le:
case kArmI32x4Splat:
case kArmI32x4ExtractLane:
case kArmI32x4ReplaceLane:
case kArmI32x4SConvertF32x4:
case kArmI32x4SConvertI16x8Low:
case kArmI32x4SConvertI16x8High:
case kArmI32x4Neg:
case kArmI32x4Shl:
case kArmI32x4ShrS:
case kArmI32x4Add:
case kArmI32x4AddHoriz:
case kArmI32x4Sub:
case kArmI32x4Mul:
case kArmI32x4MinS:
case kArmI32x4MaxS:
case kArmI32x4Eq:
case kArmI32x4Ne:
case kArmI32x4GtS:
case kArmI32x4GeS:
case kArmI32x4UConvertF32x4:
case kArmI32x4UConvertI16x8Low:
case kArmI32x4UConvertI16x8High:
case kArmI32x4ShrU:
case kArmI32x4MinU:
case kArmI32x4MaxU:
case kArmI32x4GtU:
case kArmI32x4GeU:
case kArmI16x8Splat:
case kArmI16x8ExtractLane:
case kArmI16x8ReplaceLane:
case kArmI16x8SConvertI8x16Low:
case kArmI16x8SConvertI8x16High:
case kArmI16x8Neg:
case kArmI16x8Shl:
case kArmI16x8ShrS:
case kArmI16x8SConvertI32x4:
case kArmI16x8Add:
case kArmI16x8AddSaturateS:
case kArmI16x8AddHoriz:
case kArmI16x8Sub:
case kArmI16x8SubSaturateS:
case kArmI16x8Mul:
case kArmI16x8MinS:
case kArmI16x8MaxS:
case kArmI16x8Eq:
case kArmI16x8Ne:
case kArmI16x8GtS:
case kArmI16x8GeS:
case kArmI16x8UConvertI8x16Low:
case kArmI16x8UConvertI8x16High:
case kArmI16x8ShrU:
case kArmI16x8UConvertI32x4:
case kArmI16x8AddSaturateU:
case kArmI16x8SubSaturateU:
case kArmI16x8MinU:
case kArmI16x8MaxU:
case kArmI16x8GtU:
case kArmI16x8GeU:
case kArmI8x16Splat:
case kArmI8x16ExtractLane:
case kArmI8x16ReplaceLane:
case kArmI8x16Neg:
case kArmI8x16Shl:
case kArmI8x16ShrS:
case kArmI8x16SConvertI16x8:
case kArmI8x16Add:
case kArmI8x16AddSaturateS:
case kArmI8x16Sub:
case kArmI8x16SubSaturateS:
case kArmI8x16Mul:
case kArmI8x16MinS:
case kArmI8x16MaxS:
case kArmI8x16Eq:
case kArmI8x16Ne:
case kArmI8x16GtS:
case kArmI8x16GeS:
case kArmI8x16UConvertI16x8:
case kArmI8x16AddSaturateU:
case kArmI8x16SubSaturateU:
case kArmI8x16ShrU:
case kArmI8x16MinU:
case kArmI8x16MaxU:
case kArmI8x16GtU:
case kArmI8x16GeU:
case kArmS128Zero:
case kArmS128Dup:
case kArmS128And:
case kArmS128Or:
case kArmS128Xor:
case kArmS128Not:
case kArmS128Select:
case kArmS32x4ZipLeft:
case kArmS32x4ZipRight:
case kArmS32x4UnzipLeft:
case kArmS32x4UnzipRight:
case kArmS32x4TransposeLeft:
case kArmS32x4TransposeRight:
case kArmS32x4Shuffle:
case kArmS16x8ZipLeft:
case kArmS16x8ZipRight:
case kArmS16x8UnzipLeft:
case kArmS16x8UnzipRight:
case kArmS16x8TransposeLeft:
case kArmS16x8TransposeRight:
case kArmS8x16ZipLeft:
case kArmS8x16ZipRight:
case kArmS8x16UnzipLeft:
case kArmS8x16UnzipRight:
case kArmS8x16TransposeLeft:
case kArmS8x16TransposeRight:
case kArmS8x16Concat:
case kArmS8x16Shuffle:
case kArmS32x2Reverse:
case kArmS16x4Reverse:
case kArmS16x2Reverse:
case kArmS8x8Reverse:
case kArmS8x4Reverse:
case kArmS8x2Reverse:
case kArmS1x4AnyTrue:
case kArmS1x4AllTrue:
case kArmS1x8AnyTrue:
case kArmS1x8AllTrue:
case kArmS1x16AnyTrue:
case kArmS1x16AllTrue:
return kNoOpcodeFlags;
case kArmVldrF32:
case kArmVldrF64:
case kArmVld1F64:
case kArmVld1S128:
case kArmLdrb:
case kArmLdrsb:
case kArmLdrh:
case kArmLdrsh:
case kArmLdr:
case kArmPeek:
case kArmWord32AtomicPairLoad:
return kIsLoadOperation;
case kArmVstrF32:
case kArmVstrF64:
case kArmVst1F64:
case kArmVst1S128:
case kArmStrb:
case kArmStrh:
case kArmStr:
case kArmPush:
case kArmPoke:
case kArmDmbIsh:
case kArmDsbIsb:
case kArmWord32AtomicPairStore:
case kArmWord32AtomicPairAdd:
case kArmWord32AtomicPairSub:
case kArmWord32AtomicPairAnd:
case kArmWord32AtomicPairOr:
case kArmWord32AtomicPairXor:
case kArmWord32AtomicPairExchange:
case kArmWord32AtomicPairCompareExchange:
return kHasSideEffect;
#define CASE(Name) case k##Name:
#undef CASE
// Already covered in architecture independent code.
int InstructionScheduler::GetInstructionLatency(const Instruction* instr) {
// TODO(all): Add instruction cost modeling.
return 1;
} // namespace compiler
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8