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// Copyright 2018 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "src/init/isolate-allocator.h"
#include "src/base/bounded-page-allocator.h"
#include "src/common/ptr-compr.h"
#include "src/execution/isolate.h"
#include "src/utils/utils.h"
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
IsolateAllocator::IsolateAllocator(IsolateAllocationMode mode) {
if (mode == IsolateAllocationMode::kInV8Heap) {
Address heap_reservation_address = InitReservation();
#endif // V8_TARGET_ARCH_64_BIT
// Allocate Isolate in C++ heap.
CHECK_EQ(mode, IsolateAllocationMode::kInCppHeap);
page_allocator_ = GetPlatformPageAllocator();
isolate_memory_ = ::operator new(sizeof(Isolate));
IsolateAllocator::~IsolateAllocator() {
if (reservation_.IsReserved()) {
// The actual memory will be freed when the |reservation_| will die.
// The memory was allocated in C++ heap.
::operator delete(isolate_memory_);
Address IsolateAllocator::InitReservation() {
v8::PageAllocator* platform_page_allocator = GetPlatformPageAllocator();
// Reserve a 4Gb region so that the middle is 4Gb aligned.
// The VirtualMemory API does not support such an constraint so we have to
// implement it manually here.
size_t reservation_size = kPtrComprHeapReservationSize;
size_t base_alignment = kPtrComprIsolateRootAlignment;
const int kMaxAttempts = 3;
for (int attempt = 0; attempt < kMaxAttempts; ++attempt) {
Address hint = RoundDown(reinterpret_cast<Address>(
base_alignment) +
// Within this reservation there will be a sub-region with proper alignment.
VirtualMemory padded_reservation(platform_page_allocator,
reservation_size * 2,
if (!padded_reservation.IsReserved()) break;
// Find such a sub-region inside the reservation that it's middle is
// |base_alignment|-aligned.
Address address =
RoundUp(padded_reservation.address() + kPtrComprIsolateRootBias,
base_alignment) -
CHECK(padded_reservation.InVM(address, reservation_size));
#if defined(V8_OS_FUCHSIA)
// Fuchsia does not respect given hints so as a workaround we will use
// overreserved address space region instead of trying to re-reserve
// a subregion.
if (padded_reservation.InVM(address, reservation_size)) {
reservation_ = std::move(padded_reservation);
return address;
// Now free the padded reservation and immediately try to reserve an exact
// region at aligned address. We have to do this dancing because the
// reservation address requirement is more complex than just a certain
// alignment and not all operating systems support freeing parts of reserved
// address space regions.
VirtualMemory reservation(platform_page_allocator, reservation_size,
if (!reservation.IsReserved()) break;
// The reservation could still be somewhere else but we can accept it
// if the reservation has the required alignment.
Address aligned_address =
RoundUp(reservation.address() + kPtrComprIsolateRootBias,
base_alignment) -
if (reservation.address() == aligned_address) {
reservation_ = std::move(reservation);
CHECK_EQ(reservation_.size(), reservation_size);
return aligned_address;
"Failed to reserve memory for new V8 Isolate");
return kNullAddress;
void IsolateAllocator::CommitPagesForIsolate(Address heap_address) {
CHECK(reservation_.InVM(heap_address, kPtrComprHeapReservationSize));
Address isolate_root = heap_address + kPtrComprIsolateRootBias;
CHECK(IsAligned(isolate_root, kPtrComprIsolateRootAlignment));
v8::PageAllocator* platform_page_allocator = GetPlatformPageAllocator();
// Simplify BoundedPageAllocator's life by configuring it to use same page
// size as the Heap will use (MemoryChunk::kPageSize).
size_t page_size = RoundUp(size_t{1} << kPageSizeBits,
page_allocator_instance_ = base::make_unique<base::BoundedPageAllocator>(
platform_page_allocator, heap_address, kPtrComprHeapReservationSize,
page_allocator_ = page_allocator_instance_.get();
Address isolate_address = isolate_root - Isolate::isolate_root_bias();
Address isolate_end = isolate_address + sizeof(Isolate);
// Inform the bounded page allocator about reserved pages.
Address reserved_region_address = RoundDown(isolate_address, page_size);
size_t reserved_region_size =
RoundUp(isolate_end, page_size) - reserved_region_address;
reserved_region_address, reserved_region_size,
// Commit pages where the Isolate will be stored.
size_t commit_page_size = platform_page_allocator->CommitPageSize();
Address committed_region_address =
RoundDown(isolate_address, commit_page_size);
size_t committed_region_size =
RoundUp(isolate_end, commit_page_size) - committed_region_address;
// We are using |reservation_| directly here because |page_allocator_| has
// bigger commit page size than we actually need.
if (Heap::ShouldZapGarbage()) {
for (Address address = committed_region_address;
address < committed_region_size; address += kSystemPointerSize) {
base::Memory<Address>(address) = static_cast<Address>(kZapValue);
isolate_memory_ = reinterpret_cast<void*>(isolate_address);
#endif // V8_TARGET_ARCH_64_BIT
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8