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declare module "url" {
import { ParsedUrlQuery, ParsedUrlQueryInput } from 'querystring';
// Input to `url.format`
interface UrlObject {
auth?: string | null;
hash?: string | null;
host?: string | null;
hostname?: string | null;
href?: string | null;
path?: string | null;
pathname?: string | null;
protocol?: string | null;
search?: string | null;
slashes?: boolean | null;
port?: string | number | null;
query?: string | null | ParsedUrlQueryInput;
// Output of `url.parse`
interface Url {
auth: string | null;
hash: string | null;
host: string | null;
hostname: string | null;
href: string;
path: string | null;
pathname: string | null;
protocol: string | null;
search: string | null;
slashes: boolean | null;
port: string | null;
query: string | null | ParsedUrlQuery;
interface UrlWithParsedQuery extends Url {
query: ParsedUrlQuery;
interface UrlWithStringQuery extends Url {
query: string | null;
function parse(urlStr: string): UrlWithStringQuery;
function parse(urlStr: string, parseQueryString: false | undefined, slashesDenoteHost?: boolean): UrlWithStringQuery;
function parse(urlStr: string, parseQueryString: true, slashesDenoteHost?: boolean): UrlWithParsedQuery;
function parse(urlStr: string, parseQueryString: boolean, slashesDenoteHost?: boolean): Url;
function format(URL: URL, options?: URLFormatOptions): string;
function format(urlObject: UrlObject | string): string;
function resolve(from: string, to: string): string;
function domainToASCII(domain: string): string;
function domainToUnicode(domain: string): string;
* This function ensures the correct decodings of percent-encoded characters as
* well as ensuring a cross-platform valid absolute path string.
* @param url The file URL string or URL object to convert to a path.
function fileURLToPath(url: string | URL): string;
* This function ensures that path is resolved absolutely, and that the URL
* control characters are correctly encoded when converting into a File URL.
* @param url The path to convert to a File URL.
function pathToFileURL(url: string): URL;
interface URLFormatOptions {
auth?: boolean;
fragment?: boolean;
search?: boolean;
unicode?: boolean;
class URL {
constructor(input: string, base?: string | URL);
hash: string;
host: string;
hostname: string;
href: string;
readonly origin: string;
password: string;
pathname: string;
port: string;
protocol: string;
search: string;
readonly searchParams: URLSearchParams;
username: string;
toString(): string;
toJSON(): string;
class URLSearchParams implements Iterable<[string, string]> {
constructor(init?: URLSearchParams | string | { [key: string]: string | string[] | undefined } | Iterable<[string, string]> | Array<[string, string]>);
append(name: string, value: string): void;
delete(name: string): void;
entries(): IterableIterator<[string, string]>;
forEach(callback: (value: string, name: string, searchParams: this) => void): void;
get(name: string): string | null;
getAll(name: string): string[];
has(name: string): boolean;
keys(): IterableIterator<string>;
set(name: string, value: string): void;
sort(): void;
toString(): string;
values(): IterableIterator<string>;
[Symbol.iterator](): IterableIterator<[string, string]>;