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Node.js pad

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Node Pad is a simple and elegant function to pad strings in both left and right directions.


The API is quite simple:

const pad = require('pad')
pad('pad', 5)      // "pad  "
pad(5, 'pad')      // "  pad"
pad('pad', 5, '+') // "pad++"
pad(5, 'pad', '+') // "++pad"

For TypeScript users, the type definition files are located in “./lib/index.d.ts” and declared inside the “package.json” file.


Node Pad comes in multiple flavours depending on your target environment:

  • CommonJS: dist/pad.cjs.js
    Bundle used by Node.js and compatible with ES5. It is declared inside the package.json by the main property and used by default with require("pad") in a Node.js environment.
  • ES module: dist/pad.esm.js
    Bundle using the ECMAScript standard defined in ES6 for working with modules. The path to the ES module is declared inside the package.json by the module property for ESM-aware tools like Rollup and webpack 2+.
  • UMD: dis/pad.umd.js Bundle in the Universal Module Definition (UMD), a format compatible with both AMD and CommonJS.

The CommonJS syntax to import Node Pad is:

const pad = require("pad/dist/pad.cjs.js")
// Or simply
const pad = require("pad")

While the ES Modules syntax is:

import pad from "pad/dist/pad.esm.js"
// Or for ESM-aware tools
import pad from "pad"


Options are provided as a third argument and are all optional. A string argument it is interpreted as the “char” option. Accepted options include:

  • char (string)
    The character used to fill the gap.
  • colors (boolean)
    Ajust to hidden terminal color characters, you may also use require 'pad/lib/colors' to avoid passing this option.
  • strip (boolean)
    Remove characters from text if length smaller than text length, default to “false”.
  • fixed_width (boolean)
    An optimization option to disable the usage of the wcwdith package to handle the discovery of characters using more than one column for display. one column to display
  • wcwidth_options (object)
    Options passed to the wcwidth package used to calculate the display width of characters using more than one column.

Left padding: pad(length, text, [options])

Left padding occurs when the first argument is a number and the second argument is a string.

var pad = require('pad');
pad(5, 'pad', '-').should.eql('--pad');

Right padding: pad(text, length, [options])

Right padding occurs when the first argument is a string and the second argument is a number.

var pad = require('pad');
pad('pad', 6).should.eql('pad   ');


Starting with version 1.1.0, Node pad rely on Node.js 4.0.0 or more recent. Stick to version 1.0.x if using an older version of Node.js.

Via npm:

npm install pad

Via git (or downloaded tarball), copy or link the project from a discoverable Node.js directory:

git clone


Clone the repo, install the development dependencies and run the suite:

git clone .
npm install
make test