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This library provides the functionality of PBKDF2 with the ability to use any supported hashing algorithm returned from crypto.getHashes()


var pbkdf2 = require('pbkdf2')
var derivedKey = pbkdf2.pbkdf2Sync('password', 'salt', 1, 32, 'sha512')


For more information on the API, please see the relevant Node documentation.

For high performance, use the async variant (pbkdf2.pbkdf2), not pbkdf2.pbkdf2Sync, this variant has the oppurtunity to use window.crypto.subtle when browserified.


This module is a derivative of cryptocoinjs/pbkdf2-sha256, so thanks to JP Richardson for laying the ground work.

Thank you to FangDun Cai for donating the package name on npm, if you're looking for his previous module it is located at fundon/pbkdf2.