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Converts back a yargs argv object to its original array form.

Probably the unparser word doesn't even exist, but it sounds nice and goes well with yargs-parser.

The code originally lived in MOXY's GitHub but was later moved here for discoverability.


$ npm install yargs-unparser


const parse = require('yargs-parser');
const unparse = require('yargs-unparser');

const argv = parse(['--no-boolean', '--number', '4', '--string', 'foo'], {
    boolean: ['boolean'],
    number: ['number'],
    string: ['string'],
// { boolean: false, number: 4, string: 'foo', _: [] }

const unparsedArgv = unparse(argv);
// ['--no-boolean', '--number', '4', '--string', 'foo'];

The second argument of unparse accepts an options object:

  • alias: The aliases so that duplicate options aren't generated
  • default: The default values so that the options with default values are omitted
  • command: The command first argument so that command names and positional arguments are handled correctly

Example with command options

const yargs = require('yargs');
const unparse = require('yargs-unparse');

const argv = yargs
    .command('my-command <positional>', 'My awesome command', (yargs) =>
        .option('boolean', { type: 'boolean' })
        .option('number', { type: 'number' })
        .option('string', { type: 'string' })
    .parse(['my-command', 'hello', '--no-boolean', '--number', '4', '--string', 'foo']);
// { positional: 'hello', boolean: false, number: 4, string: 'foo', _: ['my-command'] }

const unparsedArgv = unparse(argv, {
    command: 'my-command <positional>',
// ['my-command', 'hello', '--no-boolean', '--number', '4', '--string', 'foo'];


The returned array can be parsed again by yargs-parser using the default configuration. If you used custom configuration that you want yargs-unparser to be aware, please fill an issue.

If you coerce in weird ways, things might not work correctly.


$ npm test
$ npm test -- --watch during development


MIT License