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* Copyright (c) 2010 The WebM project authors. All Rights Reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
* that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
* tree. An additional intellectual property rights grant can be found
* in the file PATENTS. All contributing project authors may
* be found in the AUTHORS file in the root of the source tree.
#include "vp9/encoder/vp9_block.h"
#include "vp9/encoder/vp9_non_greedy_mv.h"
#include "vpx_dsp/variance.h"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
// The maximum number of steps in a step search given the largest
// allowed initial step
// Max full pel mv specified in the unit of full pixel
// Enable the use of motion vector in range [-1023, 1023].
#define MAX_FULL_PEL_VAL ((1 << (MAX_MVSEARCH_STEPS - 1)) - 1)
// Maximum size of the first step in full pel units
// Allowed motion vector pixel distance outside image border
// for Block_16x16
typedef struct search_site_config {
// motion search sites
MV ss_mv[8 * MAX_MVSEARCH_STEPS]; // Motion vector
intptr_t ss_os[8 * MAX_MVSEARCH_STEPS]; // Offset
int searches_per_step;
int total_steps;
} search_site_config;
static INLINE const uint8_t *get_buf_from_mv(const struct buf_2d *buf,
const MV *mv) {
return &buf->buf[mv->row * buf->stride + mv->col];
void vp9_init_dsmotion_compensation(search_site_config *cfg, int stride);
void vp9_init3smotion_compensation(search_site_config *cfg, int stride);
void vp9_set_mv_search_range(MvLimits *mv_limits, const MV *mv);
int vp9_mv_bit_cost(const MV *mv, const MV *ref, const int *mvjcost,
int *mvcost[2], int weight);
// Utility to compute variance + MV rate cost for a given MV
int vp9_get_mvpred_var(const MACROBLOCK *x, const MV *best_mv,
const MV *center_mv, const vp9_variance_fn_ptr_t *vfp,
int use_mvcost);
int vp9_get_mvpred_av_var(const MACROBLOCK *x, const MV *best_mv,
const MV *center_mv, const uint8_t *second_pred,
const vp9_variance_fn_ptr_t *vfp, int use_mvcost);
struct VP9_COMP;
int vp9_init_search_range(int size);
int vp9_refining_search_sad(const struct macroblock *x, struct mv *ref_mv,
int error_per_bit, int search_range,
const struct vp9_variance_vtable *fn_ptr,
const struct mv *center_mv);
// Perform integral projection based motion estimation.
unsigned int vp9_int_pro_motion_estimation(const struct VP9_COMP *cpi,
int mi_row, int mi_col,
const MV *ref_mv);
typedef uint32_t(fractional_mv_step_fp)(
const MACROBLOCK *x, MV *bestmv, const MV *ref_mv, int allow_hp,
int error_per_bit, const vp9_variance_fn_ptr_t *vfp,
int forced_stop, // 0 - full, 1 - qtr only, 2 - half only
int iters_per_step, int *cost_list, int *mvjcost, int *mvcost[2],
uint32_t *distortion, uint32_t *sse1, const uint8_t *second_pred, int w,
int h, int use_accurate_subpel_search);
extern fractional_mv_step_fp vp9_find_best_sub_pixel_tree;
extern fractional_mv_step_fp vp9_find_best_sub_pixel_tree_pruned;
extern fractional_mv_step_fp vp9_find_best_sub_pixel_tree_pruned_more;
extern fractional_mv_step_fp vp9_find_best_sub_pixel_tree_pruned_evenmore;
extern fractional_mv_step_fp vp9_skip_sub_pixel_tree;
extern fractional_mv_step_fp vp9_return_max_sub_pixel_mv;
extern fractional_mv_step_fp vp9_return_min_sub_pixel_mv;
typedef int (*vp9_full_search_fn_t)(const MACROBLOCK *x, const MV *ref_mv,
int sad_per_bit, int distance,
const vp9_variance_fn_ptr_t *fn_ptr,
const MV *center_mv, MV *best_mv);
typedef int (*vp9_refining_search_fn_t)(const MACROBLOCK *x, MV *ref_mv,
int sad_per_bit, int distance,
const vp9_variance_fn_ptr_t *fn_ptr,
const MV *center_mv);
typedef int (*vp9_diamond_search_fn_t)(
const MACROBLOCK *x, const search_site_config *cfg, MV *ref_mv, MV *best_mv,
int search_param, int sad_per_bit, int *num00,
const vp9_variance_fn_ptr_t *fn_ptr, const MV *center_mv);
int vp9_refining_search_8p_c(const MACROBLOCK *x, MV *ref_mv, int error_per_bit,
int search_range,
const vp9_variance_fn_ptr_t *fn_ptr,
const MV *center_mv, const uint8_t *second_pred);
struct VP9_COMP;
// "mvp_full" is the MV search starting point;
// "ref_mv" is the context reference MV;
// "tmp_mv" is the searched best MV.
int vp9_full_pixel_search(const struct VP9_COMP *const cpi,
const MACROBLOCK *const x, BLOCK_SIZE bsize,
MV *mvp_full, int step_param, int search_method,
int error_per_bit, int *cost_list, const MV *ref_mv,
MV *tmp_mv, int var_max, int rd);
void vp9_set_subpel_mv_search_range(MvLimits *subpel_mv_limits,
const MvLimits *umv_window_limits,
const MV *ref_mv);
struct TplDepStats;
int64_t vp9_refining_search_sad_new(const MACROBLOCK *x, MV *best_full_mv,
int lambda, int search_range,
const vp9_variance_fn_ptr_t *fn_ptr,
const int_mv *nb_full_mvs, int full_mv_num);
int vp9_full_pixel_diamond_new(const struct VP9_COMP *cpi, MACROBLOCK *x,
BLOCK_SIZE bsize, MV *mvp_full, int step_param,
int lambda, int do_refine,
const int_mv *nb_full_mvs, int full_mv_num,
MV *best_mv);
static INLINE MV get_full_mv(const MV *mv) {
MV out_mv;
out_mv.row = mv->row >> 3;
out_mv.col = mv->col >> 3;
return out_mv;
struct TplDepFrame;
int vp9_prepare_nb_full_mvs(const struct MotionField *motion_field, int mi_row,
int mi_col, int_mv *nb_full_mvs);
static INLINE BLOCK_SIZE get_square_block_size(BLOCK_SIZE bsize) {
BLOCK_SIZE square_bsize;
switch (bsize) {
case BLOCK_4X4:
case BLOCK_4X8:
case BLOCK_8X4: square_bsize = BLOCK_4X4; break;
case BLOCK_8X8:
case BLOCK_8X16:
case BLOCK_16X8: square_bsize = BLOCK_8X8; break;
case BLOCK_16X16:
case BLOCK_16X32:
case BLOCK_32X16: square_bsize = BLOCK_16X16; break;
case BLOCK_32X32:
case BLOCK_32X64:
case BLOCK_64X32:
case BLOCK_64X64: square_bsize = BLOCK_32X32; break;
square_bsize = BLOCK_INVALID;
assert(0 && "ERROR: invalid block size");
return square_bsize;
#ifdef __cplusplus
} // extern "C"