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* Copyright (c) 2014 The WebM project authors. All Rights Reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
* that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
* tree. An additional intellectual property rights grant can be found
* in the file PATENTS. All contributing project authors may
* be found in the AUTHORS file in the root of the source tree.
#include "vpx/vpx_encoder.h"
#include "vp9/encoder/vp9_ratectrl.h"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
typedef enum {
// Inter-layer prediction is on on all frames.
// Inter-layer prediction is off on all frames.
// Inter-layer prediction is off on non-key frames and non-sync frames.
// Inter-layer prediction is on on all frames, but constrained such
// that any layer S (> 0) can only predict from previous spatial
// layer S-1, from the same superframe.
typedef struct BUFFER_LONGTERM_REF {
int idx;
int is_used;
typedef struct {
int target_bandwidth;
int spatial_layer_target_bandwidth; // Target for the spatial layer.
double framerate;
int avg_frame_size;
int max_q;
int min_q;
int scaling_factor_num;
int scaling_factor_den;
// Scaling factors used for internal resize scaling for single layer SVC.
int scaling_factor_num_resize;
int scaling_factor_den_resize;
TWO_PASS twopass;
vpx_fixed_buf_t rc_twopass_stats_in;
unsigned int current_video_frame_in_layer;
int is_key_frame;
int frames_from_key_frame;
FRAME_TYPE last_frame_type;
struct lookahead_entry *alt_ref_source;
int alt_ref_idx;
int gold_ref_idx;
int has_alt_frame;
size_t layer_size;
// Cyclic refresh parameters (aq-mode=3), that need to be updated per-frame.
// TODO(jianj/marpan): Is it better to use the full cyclic refresh struct.
int sb_index;
signed char *map;
uint8_t *last_coded_q_map;
uint8_t *consec_zero_mv;
int actual_num_seg1_blocks;
int actual_num_seg2_blocks;
int counter_encode_maxq_scene_change;
uint8_t speed;
typedef struct SVC {
int spatial_layer_id;
int temporal_layer_id;
int number_spatial_layers;
int number_temporal_layers;
int spatial_layer_to_encode;
// Workaround for multiple frame contexts
enum { ENCODED = 0, ENCODING, NEED_TO_ENCODE } encode_empty_frame_state;
struct lookahead_entry empty_frame;
int encode_intra_empty_frame;
// Store scaled source frames to be used for temporal filter to generate
// a alt ref frame.
// Temp buffer used for 2-stage down-sampling, for real-time mode.
YV12_BUFFER_CONFIG scaled_temp;
int scaled_one_half;
int scaled_temp_is_alloc;
// Layer context used for rate control in one pass temporal CBR mode or
// two pass spatial mode.
// Indicates what sort of temporal layering is used.
// Currently, this only works for CBR mode.
VP9E_TEMPORAL_LAYERING_MODE temporal_layering_mode;
// Frame flags and buffer indexes for each spatial layer, set by the
// application (external settings).
int ext_frame_flags[VPX_MAX_LAYERS];
int lst_fb_idx[VPX_MAX_LAYERS];
int gld_fb_idx[VPX_MAX_LAYERS];
int alt_fb_idx[VPX_MAX_LAYERS];
int force_zero_mode_spatial_ref;
// Sequence level flag to enable second (long term) temporal reference.
int use_gf_temporal_ref;
// Frame level flag to enable second (long term) temporal reference.
int use_gf_temporal_ref_current_layer;
// Allow second reference for at most 2 top highest resolution layers.
BUFFER_LONGTERM_REF buffer_gf_temporal_ref[2];
int current_superframe;
int non_reference_frame;
int use_base_mv;
int use_partition_reuse;
// Used to control the downscaling filter for source scaling, for 1 pass CBR.
// downsample_filter_phase: = 0 will do sub-sampling (no weighted average),
// = 8 will center the target pixel and get a symmetric averaging filter.
// downsample_filter_type: 4 filters may be used: eighttap_regular,
// eighttap_smooth, eighttap_sharp, and bilinear.
INTERP_FILTER downsample_filter_type[VPX_SS_MAX_LAYERS];
int downsample_filter_phase[VPX_SS_MAX_LAYERS];
BLOCK_SIZE *prev_partition_svc;
int mi_stride[VPX_MAX_LAYERS];
int mi_rows[VPX_MAX_LAYERS];
int mi_cols[VPX_MAX_LAYERS];
int first_layer_denoise;
int skip_enhancement_layer;
int lower_layer_qindex;
int last_layer_dropped[VPX_MAX_LAYERS];
int drop_spatial_layer[VPX_MAX_LAYERS];
int framedrop_thresh[VPX_MAX_LAYERS];
int drop_count[VPX_MAX_LAYERS];
int force_drop_constrained_from_above[VPX_MAX_LAYERS];
int max_consec_drop;
SVC_LAYER_DROP_MODE framedrop_mode;
INTER_LAYER_PRED disable_inter_layer_pred;
// Flag to indicate scene change and high num of motion blocks at current
// superframe, scene detection is currently checked for each superframe prior
// to encoding, on the full resolution source.
int high_source_sad_superframe;
int high_num_blocks_with_motion;
// Flags used to get SVC pattern info.
int update_buffer_slot[VPX_SS_MAX_LAYERS];
uint8_t reference_last[VPX_SS_MAX_LAYERS];
uint8_t reference_golden[VPX_SS_MAX_LAYERS];
uint8_t reference_altref[VPX_SS_MAX_LAYERS];
// TODO(jianj): Remove these last 3, deprecated.
uint8_t update_last[VPX_SS_MAX_LAYERS];
uint8_t update_golden[VPX_SS_MAX_LAYERS];
uint8_t update_altref[VPX_SS_MAX_LAYERS];
// Keep track of the frame buffer index updated/refreshed on the base
// temporal superframe.
int fb_idx_upd_tl0[VPX_SS_MAX_LAYERS];
// Keep track of the spatial and temporal layer id of the frame that last
// updated the frame buffer index.
uint8_t fb_idx_spatial_layer_id[REF_FRAMES];
uint8_t fb_idx_temporal_layer_id[REF_FRAMES];
int spatial_layer_sync[VPX_SS_MAX_LAYERS];
uint8_t set_intra_only_frame;
uint8_t previous_frame_is_intra_only;
uint8_t superframe_has_layer_sync;
uint8_t fb_idx_base[REF_FRAMES];
int use_set_ref_frame_config;
int temporal_layer_id_per_spatial[VPX_SS_MAX_LAYERS];
int first_spatial_layer_to_encode;
// Parameters for allowing framerate per spatial layer, and buffer
// update based on timestamps.
int64_t duration[VPX_SS_MAX_LAYERS];
int64_t timebase_fac;
int64_t time_stamp_superframe;
int64_t time_stamp_prev[VPX_SS_MAX_LAYERS];
int num_encoded_top_layer;
// Every spatial layer on a superframe whose base is key is key too.
int simulcast_mode;
// Flag to indicate SVC is dynamically switched to a single layer.
int single_layer_svc;
int resize_set;
} SVC;
struct VP9_COMP;
// Initialize layer context data from init_config().
void vp9_init_layer_context(struct VP9_COMP *const cpi);
// Update the layer context from a change_config() call.
void vp9_update_layer_context_change_config(struct VP9_COMP *const cpi,
const int target_bandwidth);
// Prior to encoding the frame, update framerate-related quantities
// for the current temporal layer.
void vp9_update_temporal_layer_framerate(struct VP9_COMP *const cpi);
// Update framerate-related quantities for the current spatial layer.
void vp9_update_spatial_layer_framerate(struct VP9_COMP *const cpi,
double framerate);
// Prior to encoding the frame, set the layer context, for the current layer
// to be encoded, to the cpi struct.
void vp9_restore_layer_context(struct VP9_COMP *const cpi);
// Save the layer context after encoding the frame.
void vp9_save_layer_context(struct VP9_COMP *const cpi);
// Initialize second pass rc for spatial svc.
void vp9_init_second_pass_spatial_svc(struct VP9_COMP *cpi);
void get_layer_resolution(const int width_org, const int height_org,
const int num, const int den, int *width_out,
int *height_out);
// Increment number of video frames in layer
void vp9_inc_frame_in_layer(struct VP9_COMP *const cpi);
// Check if current layer is key frame in spatial upper layer
int vp9_is_upper_layer_key_frame(const struct VP9_COMP *const cpi);
// Get the next source buffer to encode
struct lookahead_entry *vp9_svc_lookahead_pop(struct VP9_COMP *const cpi,
struct lookahead_ctx *ctx,
int drain);
// Start a frame and initialize svc parameters
int vp9_svc_start_frame(struct VP9_COMP *const cpi);
int vp9_denoise_svc_non_key(struct VP9_COMP *const cpi);
void vp9_copy_flags_ref_update_idx(struct VP9_COMP *const cpi);
int vp9_one_pass_cbr_svc_start_layer(struct VP9_COMP *const cpi);
void vp9_free_svc_cyclic_refresh(struct VP9_COMP *const cpi);
void vp9_svc_reset_temporal_layers(struct VP9_COMP *const cpi, int is_key);
void vp9_svc_check_reset_layer_rc_flag(struct VP9_COMP *const cpi);
void vp9_svc_constrain_inter_layer_pred(struct VP9_COMP *const cpi);
void vp9_svc_assert_constraints_pattern(struct VP9_COMP *const cpi);
void vp9_svc_check_spatial_layer_sync(struct VP9_COMP *const cpi);
void vp9_svc_update_ref_frame_buffer_idx(struct VP9_COMP *const cpi);
void vp9_svc_update_ref_frame_key_simulcast(struct VP9_COMP *const cpi);
void vp9_svc_update_ref_frame(struct VP9_COMP *const cpi);
void vp9_svc_adjust_frame_rate(struct VP9_COMP *const cpi);
void vp9_svc_adjust_avg_frame_qindex(struct VP9_COMP *const cpi);
#ifdef __cplusplus
} // extern "C"