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//==- ObjCPropertyChecker.cpp - Check ObjC properties ------------*- C++ -*-==//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This checker finds issues with Objective-C properties.
// Currently finds only one kind of issue:
// - Find synthesized properties with copy attribute of mutable NS collection
// types. Calling -copy on such collections produces an immutable copy,
// which contradicts the type of the property.
#include "ClangSACheckers.h"
#include "clang/StaticAnalyzer/Core/BugReporter/BugReporter.h"
#include "clang/StaticAnalyzer/Core/Checker.h"
using namespace clang;
using namespace ento;
namespace {
class ObjCPropertyChecker
: public Checker<check::ASTDecl<ObjCPropertyDecl>> {
void checkCopyMutable(const ObjCPropertyDecl *D, BugReporter &BR) const;
void checkASTDecl(const ObjCPropertyDecl *D, AnalysisManager &Mgr,
BugReporter &BR) const;
} // end anonymous namespace.
void ObjCPropertyChecker::checkASTDecl(const ObjCPropertyDecl *D,
AnalysisManager &Mgr,
BugReporter &BR) const {
checkCopyMutable(D, BR);
void ObjCPropertyChecker::checkCopyMutable(const ObjCPropertyDecl *D,
BugReporter &BR) const {
if (D->isReadOnly() || D->getSetterKind() != ObjCPropertyDecl::Copy)
QualType T = D->getType();
if (!T->isObjCObjectPointerType())
const std::string &PropTypeName(T->getPointeeType().getCanonicalType()
if (!StringRef(PropTypeName).startswith("NSMutable"))
const ObjCImplDecl *ImplD = nullptr;
if (const ObjCInterfaceDecl *IntD =
dyn_cast<ObjCInterfaceDecl>(D->getDeclContext())) {
ImplD = IntD->getImplementation();
} else if (auto *CatD = dyn_cast<ObjCCategoryDecl>(D->getDeclContext())) {
ImplD = CatD->getClassInterface()->getImplementation();
if (!ImplD || ImplD->HasUserDeclaredSetterMethod(D))
SmallString<128> Str;
llvm::raw_svector_ostream OS(Str);
OS << "Property of mutable type '" << PropTypeName
<< "' has 'copy' attribute; an immutable object will be stored instead";
D, this, "Objective-C property misuse", "Logic error", OS.str(),
PathDiagnosticLocation::createBegin(D, BR.getSourceManager()),
void ento::registerObjCPropertyChecker(CheckerManager &Mgr) {