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<title>pointerout received just once</title>
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<script src="/resources/testharness.js"></script>
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<body onload="run()">
<h1>pointerout received just once</h1>
Test Description: This test checks if pointerout event dispatched properly.
<li>Put your mouse over the black rectangle.
<li>Move your mouse out of the black rectangle
<div id="target0" style="background:black"></div>
var pointeroutCounter = 0;
var detected_pointertypes = {};
setup({ explicit_done: true });
function run() {
var target0 = document.getElementById("target0");
// When a mouse passes through dispatches one event
// TA: 7.4
on_event(target0, "pointerover", function (event) {
pointeroutCounter = 0;
detected_pointertypes[event.pointerType] = true;
on_event(target0, "pointerout", function (event) {
setTimeout(function() {
test(function() {
assert_true(pointeroutCounter == 1, "pointerout received just once")
}, "pointerout received just once");
}, 5000);
<h1>Pointer Events pointerout received once test</h1>
<div id="complete-notice">
<p>The following pointer types were detected: <span id="pointertype-log"></span>.</p>
<p>Refresh the page to run the tests again with a different pointer type.</p>
<div id="log"></div>