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<title>Service Workers: onupdatefound</title>
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`navigator.serviceWorker.onupdatefound` is the [event handler][1] that must be
supported as attribute by the `[ServiceWorkerContainer][2]` object. An
`updatefound` event using the `[Event][3]` interface is dispatched on
`[ServiceWorkerContainer][2]` object (See step 4 of the [_Installation
algorithm][4]) when the associated Service Worker [registration][5] for the
document enters the [installation process][6] such that
`navigator.serviceWorker.installing` becomes the new [installing worker][7].
[2]: #service-worker-container-interface
[4]: #installation-algorithm
[5]: #registration
[6]: #installation-process
[7]: #installing-worker
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// not_implemented();
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