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.. _features:
pytest: helps you write better programs
**a mature full-featured Python testing tool**
- runs on Posix/Windows, Python 2.6-3.5, PyPy and (possibly still) Jython-2.5.1
- free and open source software, distributed under the terms of the :ref:`MIT license <license>`
- **well tested** with more than a thousand tests against itself
- **strict backward compatibility policy** for safe pytest upgrades
- :ref:`comprehensive online <toc>` and `PDF documentation <pytest.pdf>`_
- many :ref:`third party plugins <extplugins>` and :ref:`builtin helpers <pytest helpers>`,
- used in :ref:`many small and large projects and organisations <projects>`
- comes with many :ref:`tested examples <examples>`
**provides easy no-boilerplate testing**
- makes it :ref:`easy to get started <getstarted>`,
has many :ref:`usage options <usage>`
- :ref:`assert with the assert statement`
- helpful :ref:`traceback and failing assertion reporting <tbreportdemo>`
- :ref:`print debugging <printdebugging>` and :ref:`the
capturing of standard output during test execution <captures>`
**scales from simple unit to complex functional testing**
- :ref:`modular parametrizeable fixtures <fixture>` (new in 2.3,
continuously improved)
- :ref:`parametrized test functions <parametrized test functions>`
- :ref:`mark`
- :ref:`skipping` (improved in 2.4)
- :ref:`distribute tests to multiple CPUs <xdistcpu>` through :ref:`xdist plugin <xdist>`
- :ref:`continuously re-run failing tests <looponfailing>`
- :doc:`cache`
- flexible :ref:`Python test discovery`
**integrates with other testing methods and tools**:
- multi-paradigm: pytest can run ``nose``, ``unittest`` and
``doctest`` style test suites, including running testcases made for
Django and trial
- supports :ref:`good integration practices <goodpractices>`
- supports extended :ref:`xUnit style setup <xunitsetup>`
- supports domain-specific :ref:`non-python tests`
- supports generating `test coverage reports
- supports :pep:`8` compliant coding styles in tests
**extensive plugin and customization system**:
- all collection, reporting, running aspects are delegated to hook functions
- customizations can be per-directory, per-project or per PyPI released plugin
- it is easy to add command line options or customize existing behaviour
- :ref:`easy to write your own plugins <writing-plugins>`
.. _`easy`: