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.. _mark:
Marking test functions with attributes
.. currentmodule:: _pytest.mark
By using the ``pytest.mark`` helper you can easily set
metadata on your test functions. There are
some builtin markers, for example:
* :ref:`skipif <skipif>` - skip a test function if a certain condition is met
* :ref:`xfail <xfail>` - produce an "expected failure" outcome if a certain
condition is met
* :ref:`parametrize <parametrizemark>` to perform multiple calls
to the same test function.
It's easy to create custom markers or to apply markers
to whole test classes or modules. See :ref:`mark examples` for examples
which also serve as documentation.
.. note::
Marks can only be applied to tests, having no effect on
:ref:`fixtures <fixtures>`.
API reference for mark related objects
.. autoclass:: MarkGenerator
.. autoclass:: MarkDecorator
.. autoclass:: MarkInfo