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// Copyright 2015 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "src/compiler/backend/instruction-scheduler.h"
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
namespace compiler {
bool InstructionScheduler::SchedulerSupported() { return true; }
int InstructionScheduler::GetTargetInstructionFlags(
const Instruction* instr) const {
switch (instr->arch_opcode()) {
case kX64Add:
case kX64Add32:
case kX64And:
case kX64And32:
case kX64Cmp:
case kX64Cmp32:
case kX64Cmp16:
case kX64Cmp8:
case kX64Test:
case kX64Test32:
case kX64Test16:
case kX64Test8:
case kX64Or:
case kX64Or32:
case kX64Xor:
case kX64Xor32:
case kX64Sub:
case kX64Sub32:
case kX64Imul:
case kX64Imul32:
case kX64ImulHigh32:
case kX64UmulHigh32:
case kX64Not:
case kX64Not32:
case kX64Neg:
case kX64Neg32:
case kX64Shl:
case kX64Shl32:
case kX64Shr:
case kX64Shr32:
case kX64Sar:
case kX64Sar32:
case kX64Rol:
case kX64Rol32:
case kX64Ror:
case kX64Ror32:
case kX64Lzcnt:
case kX64Lzcnt32:
case kX64Tzcnt:
case kX64Tzcnt32:
case kX64Popcnt:
case kX64Popcnt32:
case kX64Bswap:
case kX64Bswap32:
case kSSEFloat32Cmp:
case kSSEFloat32Add:
case kSSEFloat32Sub:
case kSSEFloat32Mul:
case kSSEFloat32Div:
case kSSEFloat32Abs:
case kSSEFloat32Neg:
case kSSEFloat32Sqrt:
case kSSEFloat32Round:
case kSSEFloat32ToFloat64:
case kSSEFloat64Cmp:
case kSSEFloat64Add:
case kSSEFloat64Sub:
case kSSEFloat64Mul:
case kSSEFloat64Div:
case kSSEFloat64Mod:
case kSSEFloat64Abs:
case kSSEFloat64Neg:
case kSSEFloat64Sqrt:
case kSSEFloat64Round:
case kSSEFloat32Max:
case kSSEFloat64Max:
case kSSEFloat32Min:
case kSSEFloat64Min:
case kSSEFloat64ToFloat32:
case kSSEFloat32ToInt32:
case kSSEFloat32ToUint32:
case kSSEFloat64ToInt32:
case kSSEFloat64ToUint32:
case kSSEFloat64ToInt64:
case kSSEFloat32ToInt64:
case kSSEFloat64ToUint64:
case kSSEFloat32ToUint64:
case kSSEInt32ToFloat64:
case kSSEInt32ToFloat32:
case kSSEInt64ToFloat32:
case kSSEInt64ToFloat64:
case kSSEUint64ToFloat32:
case kSSEUint64ToFloat64:
case kSSEUint32ToFloat64:
case kSSEUint32ToFloat32:
case kSSEFloat64ExtractLowWord32:
case kSSEFloat64ExtractHighWord32:
case kSSEFloat64InsertLowWord32:
case kSSEFloat64InsertHighWord32:
case kSSEFloat64LoadLowWord32:
case kSSEFloat64SilenceNaN:
case kAVXFloat32Cmp:
case kAVXFloat32Add:
case kAVXFloat32Sub:
case kAVXFloat32Mul:
case kAVXFloat32Div:
case kAVXFloat64Cmp:
case kAVXFloat64Add:
case kAVXFloat64Sub:
case kAVXFloat64Mul:
case kAVXFloat64Div:
case kAVXFloat64Abs:
case kAVXFloat64Neg:
case kAVXFloat32Abs:
case kAVXFloat32Neg:
case kX64BitcastFI:
case kX64BitcastDL:
case kX64BitcastIF:
case kX64BitcastLD:
case kX64Lea32:
case kX64Lea:
case kX64Dec32:
case kX64Inc32:
case kX64Pinsrb:
case kX64Pinsrw:
case kX64Pinsrd:
case kX64Pinsrq:
case kX64F64x2Splat:
case kX64F64x2ExtractLane:
case kX64F64x2Abs:
case kX64F64x2Neg:
case kX64F64x2Sqrt:
case kX64F64x2Add:
case kX64F64x2Sub:
case kX64F64x2Mul:
case kX64F64x2Div:
case kX64F64x2Min:
case kX64F64x2Max:
case kX64F64x2Eq:
case kX64F64x2Ne:
case kX64F64x2Lt:
case kX64F64x2Le:
case kX64F64x2Qfma:
case kX64F64x2Qfms:
case kX64F64x2Pmin:
case kX64F64x2Pmax:
case kX64F64x2Round:
case kX64F32x4Splat:
case kX64F32x4ExtractLane:
case kX64F32x4ReplaceLane:
case kX64F32x4SConvertI32x4:
case kX64F32x4UConvertI32x4:
case kX64F32x4RecipApprox:
case kX64F32x4RecipSqrtApprox:
case kX64F32x4Abs:
case kX64F32x4Neg:
case kX64F32x4Sqrt:
case kX64F32x4Add:
case kX64F32x4AddHoriz:
case kX64F32x4Sub:
case kX64F32x4Mul:
case kX64F32x4Div:
case kX64F32x4Min:
case kX64F32x4Max:
case kX64F32x4Eq:
case kX64F32x4Ne:
case kX64F32x4Lt:
case kX64F32x4Le:
case kX64F32x4Qfma:
case kX64F32x4Qfms:
case kX64F32x4Pmin:
case kX64F32x4Pmax:
case kX64F32x4Round:
case kX64I64x2Splat:
case kX64I64x2ExtractLane:
case kX64I64x2Neg:
case kX64I64x2BitMask:
case kX64I64x2Shl:
case kX64I64x2ShrS:
case kX64I64x2Add:
case kX64I64x2Sub:
case kX64I64x2Mul:
case kX64I64x2Eq:
case kX64I64x2ShrU:
case kX64I64x2SignSelect:
case kX64I32x4Splat:
case kX64I32x4ExtractLane:
case kX64I32x4SConvertF32x4:
case kX64I32x4SConvertI16x8Low:
case kX64I32x4SConvertI16x8High:
case kX64I32x4Neg:
case kX64I32x4Shl:
case kX64I32x4ShrS:
case kX64I32x4Add:
case kX64I32x4AddHoriz:
case kX64I32x4Sub:
case kX64I32x4Mul:
case kX64I32x4MinS:
case kX64I32x4MaxS:
case kX64I32x4Eq:
case kX64I32x4Ne:
case kX64I32x4GtS:
case kX64I32x4GeS:
case kX64I32x4UConvertF32x4:
case kX64I32x4UConvertI16x8Low:
case kX64I32x4UConvertI16x8High:
case kX64I32x4ShrU:
case kX64I32x4MinU:
case kX64I32x4MaxU:
case kX64I32x4GtU:
case kX64I32x4GeU:
case kX64I32x4Abs:
case kX64I32x4BitMask:
case kX64I32x4DotI16x8S:
case kX64I32x4SignSelect:
case kX64I16x8Splat:
case kX64I16x8ExtractLaneS:
case kX64I16x8SConvertI8x16Low:
case kX64I16x8SConvertI8x16High:
case kX64I16x8Neg:
case kX64I16x8Shl:
case kX64I16x8ShrS:
case kX64I16x8SConvertI32x4:
case kX64I16x8Add:
case kX64I16x8AddSatS:
case kX64I16x8AddHoriz:
case kX64I16x8Sub:
case kX64I16x8SubSatS:
case kX64I16x8Mul:
case kX64I16x8MinS:
case kX64I16x8MaxS:
case kX64I16x8Eq:
case kX64I16x8Ne:
case kX64I16x8GtS:
case kX64I16x8GeS:
case kX64I16x8UConvertI8x16Low:
case kX64I16x8UConvertI8x16High:
case kX64I16x8UConvertI32x4:
case kX64I16x8ShrU:
case kX64I16x8AddSatU:
case kX64I16x8SubSatU:
case kX64I16x8MinU:
case kX64I16x8MaxU:
case kX64I16x8GtU:
case kX64I16x8GeU:
case kX64I16x8RoundingAverageU:
case kX64I16x8Abs:
case kX64I16x8BitMask:
case kX64I16x8SignSelect:
case kX64I8x16Splat:
case kX64I8x16ExtractLaneS:
case kX64I8x16SConvertI16x8:
case kX64I8x16Neg:
case kX64I8x16Shl:
case kX64I8x16ShrS:
case kX64I8x16Add:
case kX64I8x16AddSatS:
case kX64I8x16Sub:
case kX64I8x16SubSatS:
case kX64I8x16Mul:
case kX64I8x16MinS:
case kX64I8x16MaxS:
case kX64I8x16Eq:
case kX64I8x16Ne:
case kX64I8x16GtS:
case kX64I8x16GeS:
case kX64I8x16UConvertI16x8:
case kX64I8x16AddSatU:
case kX64I8x16SubSatU:
case kX64I8x16ShrU:
case kX64I8x16MinU:
case kX64I8x16MaxU:
case kX64I8x16GtU:
case kX64I8x16GeU:
case kX64I8x16RoundingAverageU:
case kX64I8x16Abs:
case kX64I8x16BitMask:
case kX64I8x16SignSelect:
case kX64S128And:
case kX64S128Or:
case kX64S128Xor:
case kX64S128Not:
case kX64S128Select:
case kX64S128Const:
case kX64S128Zero:
case kX64S128AllOnes:
case kX64S128AndNot:
case kX64V32x4AnyTrue:
case kX64V32x4AllTrue:
case kX64V16x8AnyTrue:
case kX64V16x8AllTrue:
case kX64I8x16Swizzle:
case kX64I8x16Shuffle:
case kX64S32x4Swizzle:
case kX64S32x4Shuffle:
case kX64S16x8Blend:
case kX64S16x8HalfShuffle1:
case kX64S16x8HalfShuffle2:
case kX64S8x16Alignr:
case kX64S16x8Dup:
case kX64S8x16Dup:
case kX64S16x8UnzipHigh:
case kX64S16x8UnzipLow:
case kX64S8x16UnzipHigh:
case kX64S8x16UnzipLow:
case kX64S64x2UnpackHigh:
case kX64S32x4UnpackHigh:
case kX64S16x8UnpackHigh:
case kX64S8x16UnpackHigh:
case kX64S64x2UnpackLow:
case kX64S32x4UnpackLow:
case kX64S16x8UnpackLow:
case kX64S8x16UnpackLow:
case kX64S8x16TransposeLow:
case kX64S8x16TransposeHigh:
case kX64S8x8Reverse:
case kX64S8x4Reverse:
case kX64S8x2Reverse:
case kX64V8x16AnyTrue:
case kX64V8x16AllTrue:
return (instr->addressing_mode() == kMode_None)
? kNoOpcodeFlags
: kIsLoadOperation | kHasSideEffect;
case kX64Idiv:
case kX64Idiv32:
case kX64Udiv:
case kX64Udiv32:
return (instr->addressing_mode() == kMode_None)
? kMayNeedDeoptOrTrapCheck
: kMayNeedDeoptOrTrapCheck | kIsLoadOperation | kHasSideEffect;
case kX64Movsxbl:
case kX64Movzxbl:
case kX64Movsxbq:
case kX64Movzxbq:
case kX64Movsxwl:
case kX64Movzxwl:
case kX64Movsxwq:
case kX64Movzxwq:
case kX64Movsxlq:
DCHECK_LE(1, instr->InputCount());
return instr->InputAt(0)->IsRegister() ? kNoOpcodeFlags
: kIsLoadOperation;
case kX64Movb:
case kX64Movw:
case kX64S128Store32Lane:
case kX64S128Store64Lane:
return kHasSideEffect;
case kX64Pextrb:
case kX64Pextrw:
case kX64Movl:
if (instr->HasOutput()) {
DCHECK_LE(1, instr->InputCount());
return instr->InputAt(0)->IsRegister() ? kNoOpcodeFlags
: kIsLoadOperation;
} else {
return kHasSideEffect;
case kX64MovqDecompressTaggedSigned:
case kX64MovqDecompressTaggedPointer:
case kX64MovqDecompressAnyTagged:
case kX64MovqCompressTagged:
case kX64Movq:
case kX64Movsd:
case kX64Movss:
case kX64Movdqu:
case kX64S128Load8Splat:
case kX64S128Load16Splat:
case kX64S128Load32Splat:
case kX64S128Load64Splat:
case kX64S128Load8x8S:
case kX64S128Load8x8U:
case kX64S128Load16x4S:
case kX64S128Load16x4U:
case kX64S128Load32x2S:
case kX64S128Load32x2U:
return instr->HasOutput() ? kIsLoadOperation : kHasSideEffect;
case kX64Peek:
return kIsLoadOperation;
case kX64Push:
case kX64Poke:
return kHasSideEffect;
case kX64MFence:
case kX64LFence:
return kHasSideEffect;
case kX64Word64AtomicLoadUint8:
case kX64Word64AtomicLoadUint16:
case kX64Word64AtomicLoadUint32:
case kX64Word64AtomicLoadUint64:
return kIsLoadOperation;
case kX64Word64AtomicStoreWord8:
case kX64Word64AtomicStoreWord16:
case kX64Word64AtomicStoreWord32:
case kX64Word64AtomicStoreWord64:
case kX64Word64AtomicAddUint8:
case kX64Word64AtomicAddUint16:
case kX64Word64AtomicAddUint32:
case kX64Word64AtomicAddUint64:
case kX64Word64AtomicSubUint8:
case kX64Word64AtomicSubUint16:
case kX64Word64AtomicSubUint32:
case kX64Word64AtomicSubUint64:
case kX64Word64AtomicAndUint8:
case kX64Word64AtomicAndUint16:
case kX64Word64AtomicAndUint32:
case kX64Word64AtomicAndUint64:
case kX64Word64AtomicOrUint8:
case kX64Word64AtomicOrUint16:
case kX64Word64AtomicOrUint32:
case kX64Word64AtomicOrUint64:
case kX64Word64AtomicXorUint8:
case kX64Word64AtomicXorUint16:
case kX64Word64AtomicXorUint32:
case kX64Word64AtomicXorUint64:
case kX64Word64AtomicExchangeUint8:
case kX64Word64AtomicExchangeUint16:
case kX64Word64AtomicExchangeUint32:
case kX64Word64AtomicExchangeUint64:
case kX64Word64AtomicCompareExchangeUint8:
case kX64Word64AtomicCompareExchangeUint16:
case kX64Word64AtomicCompareExchangeUint32:
case kX64Word64AtomicCompareExchangeUint64:
return kHasSideEffect;
#define CASE(Name) case k##Name:
#undef CASE
// Already covered in architecture independent code.
int InstructionScheduler::GetInstructionLatency(const Instruction* instr) {
// Basic latency modeling for x64 instructions. They have been determined
// in an empirical way.
switch (instr->arch_opcode()) {
case kSSEFloat64Mul:
return 5;
case kX64Imul:
case kX64Imul32:
case kX64ImulHigh32:
case kX64UmulHigh32:
case kSSEFloat32Cmp:
case kSSEFloat32Add:
case kSSEFloat32Sub:
case kSSEFloat32Abs:
case kSSEFloat32Neg:
case kSSEFloat64Cmp:
case kSSEFloat64Add:
case kSSEFloat64Sub:
case kSSEFloat64Max:
case kSSEFloat64Min:
case kSSEFloat64Abs:
case kSSEFloat64Neg:
return 3;
case kSSEFloat32Mul:
case kSSEFloat32ToFloat64:
case kSSEFloat64ToFloat32:
case kSSEFloat32Round:
case kSSEFloat64Round:
case kSSEFloat32ToInt32:
case kSSEFloat32ToUint32:
case kSSEFloat64ToInt32:
case kSSEFloat64ToUint32:
return 4;
case kX64Idiv:
return 49;
case kX64Idiv32:
return 35;
case kX64Udiv:
return 38;
case kX64Udiv32:
return 26;
case kSSEFloat32Div:
case kSSEFloat64Div:
case kSSEFloat32Sqrt:
case kSSEFloat64Sqrt:
return 13;
case kSSEFloat32ToInt64:
case kSSEFloat64ToInt64:
case kSSEFloat32ToUint64:
case kSSEFloat64ToUint64:
return 10;
case kSSEFloat64Mod:
return 50;
case kArchTruncateDoubleToI:
return 6;
return 1;
} // namespace compiler
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8