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Android GameActivity code description

The source code in this directory is copied from the AndroidX GameActivity release package, matching the version specified in //starboard/android/apk/app/build.gradle.

To learn more about GameActivity, refer to the official GameActivity documenation.

Updating instructions

To update GameActivity to the latest version, do the following:

  1. In //starboard/android/apk/app/build.gradle, update the dependency version for The current version is 1.2.1, and you can find the latest version from [the AndroidX games release website] (
  2. Build Cobalt. This triggers gradle to downloaded the release package to its local cache (normally under the $HOME/.gradle folder).
  3. Find the downloaded game-activity package, usually under $HOME/.gradle/caches/.... The directory structure should match the structure under //third_party/android_game_activity/include/.... You can use find with a specific file to locate the exact path for the package, as shown in the following example:
      find   ~/.gradle/caches   | grep   GameActivity.cpp
  4. Copy all C++ files for the matching games-activity version to this directory (the directory that is hosting this file). For example, with version 1.2.1, the path might be $HOME/.gradle/caches/transforms-3/355ab20937e7dabe38cca2293f9f651b/transformed/jetified-games-activity-1.2.1/prefab/modules/game-activity/include/game-activity/GameActivity.cpp, just pull the content from .../jetified-games-activity-1.2.1/prefab/modules/game-activity:
    pushd ${cobalt_src_dir}/third_party/android_game_activity
    rm -fr include module.json
    cp -fr .../jetified-games-activity-1.2.1/prefab/modules/game-activity  third_party/android_game_activity/