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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
syntax = "proto2";
option optimize_for = LITE_RUNTIME;
option java_outer_classname = "CallStackProfileProtos";
option java_package = "org.chromium.components.metrics";
package metrics;
import "execution_context.proto";
// Call stack sample data for a given profiling session.
// Next tag: 11
message CallStackProfile {
// Uniquely identifies a module.
message ModuleIdentifier {
// A hash that uniquely identifies a particular program version with high
// probability. This is parsed from headers of the loaded module.
// For binaries generated by GNU tools:
// Contents of the field.
// On Windows:
// GUID + AGE in the debug image headers of a module.
optional string build_id = 1;
// MD5Sum Prefix of the module name. This is the same hashing scheme as used
// to hash UMA histogram names.
optional fixed64 name_md5_prefix = 2;
// Describes a location within executable code.
message Location {
// Instruction pointer subtracted by module base.
optional uint64 address = 1;
// Index to the module identifier in |module_ids| of CallStackProfile.
optional int32 module_id_index = 2;
// The sampled call stack.
message Stack {
// The frames in the callstack. The frame[0] entry represents the call on
// the top of the stack.
repeated Location frame = 1;
// An item of metadata associated with either the entire profile or a single
// sample.
message MetadataItem {
// Index of the hash of the metadata name.
optional int32 name_hash_index = 1;
// Value for the item. An absent value indicates the metadata has become
// unset since the previous StackSample.
optional sint64 value = 2;
// Backtrace of locations of async execution requests (e.g. task postings, IPC
// message sending, requests over mojo) that led to the current task
// execution. Note that these are saved in a fixed length buffer on the client
// which as of 2018/08/14 includes only the most recent four entries.
message AsyncBacktrace {
// The locations saved in the backtrace, with the most recent in
// location[0]. Empty if the work was not tied to an async execution request
// -- for example, handling a mouse event.
repeated Location location = 1;
// Deprecated version of a sample consisting of one or more callstacks with
// the same stack frames and instruction pointers. Deprecated as of
// 2018/08/14.
message Sample {
// The callstack. Sample.frame[0] represents the call on the top of the
// stack.
repeated Location frame = 1;
// Number of times this stack signature occurs.
optional int64 count = 2;
// This repeating field indicates the current phase of the system such as
// whether it is in startup, general operation, or shutdown. The first
// Sample of a CallStackProfile will list all phases that have been reached;
// later samples will list only the new phases that occurred since the
// previous one.
repeated ProcessPhase process_phase = 3;
// A sampled stack, along with associated metadata.
message StackSample {
// Index into the profile's repeated |stack| field for the stack
// corresponding to this sample.
optional int32 stack_index = 1;
// Sample time relative to the first sample.
optional int32 sample_time_offset_ms = 2;
// True if this sample is executing the same item of work (task, event) as
// the last sample.
optional bool continued_work = 3;
// Index of the backtrace in the profile of posted task locations that led
// to this task execution.
optional int32 async_backtrace_index = 4;
// Metadata items associated with the sample. To minimize memory usage,
// metadata items are specified only when their values change from the
// previous sample. Items are not guaranteed to be in a particular order.
repeated MetadataItem metadata = 5;
// The previous sample encoding. Deprecated 2018/08/04 in favor of
// stack_sample.
repeated Sample DEPRECATED_sample = 1 [deprecated = true];
// List of module ids found in this sample.
repeated ModuleIdentifier module_id = 2;
// Metadata name hashes used in this profile. Recorded global to the profile
// to minimize per-sample memory usage.
repeated fixed64 metadata_name_hash = 5;
// Metadata global to the profile.
repeated MetadataItem profile_metadata = 6;
// The distinct async backtraces for the samples.
repeated AsyncBacktrace async_backtrace = 7;
// The distinct stacks for the samples.
repeated Stack stack = 8;
// The stack samples collected for this profile.
repeated StackSample stack_sample = 9;
// Time of the first sample relative to Chrome start. This value may be
// imprecise or wrong for Windows clients without high-resolution
// TimeTicks. TODO(wittman): Clarify the actual properties of this value for
// clients without high-resolution TimeTicks once we understand what they are.
optional int64 profile_start_time_offset_ms = 10;
// Duration of this profile.
optional int32 profile_duration_ms = 3;
// Time between samples.
optional int32 sampling_period_ms = 4;