CMX Fragments

This directory contains the cmx fragments that are required for running Fuchsia tests hermetically. Tests start from minimum_capabilities.test-cmx and add additional capabilities as necessary by providing the additional_manifest_fragments argument. Some fragments are explained in detail below:

General Purpose Fragments


For tests that test fonts by providing fuchsia.fonts.Provider.


Required by tests that execute JavaScript. Should only be required in a small number of tests.


Capabilities required by anything that uses //base/test, used as the base fragment for all test suites.


Required by tests that need access to its debug directory. Should only be required in a small number of tests.


For tests that test logging functionality by providing fuchsia.logger.Log.

WebEngine Fragments

The following fragments are specific to WebEngine functionality as documented documentation at and Any test-specific exceptions are documented for each file.


Corresponds to the AUDIO flag. Required for enabling audio input and output.


Corresponds to the NETWORK flag. Required for enabling network access. Note that access to the root SSL certificates is not needed if ContextProvider is used to launch the Context. The fuchsia.device.NameProvider dependency comes from fdio.


Services that are needed to render web content in a Scenic view and present it. Most services are required per the FIDL documentation. fuchsia.ui.policy.Presenter is additionally required by tests that create views.


Corresponds to the VULKAN flag. Required for enabling GPU-accelerated rendering of the web content.


Contains services that need to be present when creating a fuchsia.web.Context. Note that the fuchsia.scheduler.ProfileProvider service is only used in tests that encounter memory pressure code.