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from boto.exception import BotoServerError
class ResponseErrorFactory(BotoServerError):
def __new__(cls, *args, **kw):
error = BotoServerError(*args, **kw)
newclass = globals().get(error.error_code, ResponseError)
obj = newclass.__new__(newclass, *args, **kw)
return obj
class ResponseError(BotoServerError):
"""Undefined response error.
retry = False
def __repr__(self):
return '{0}({1}, {2},\n\t{3})'.format(self.__class__.__name__,
self.status, self.reason,
def __str__(self):
return 'FPS Response Error: {0.status} {0.__class__.__name__} {1}\n' \
'{2}\n' \
self.retry and '(Retriable)' or '',
class RetriableResponseError(ResponseError):
retry = True
class AccessFailure(RetriableResponseError):
"""Account cannot be accessed.
class AccountClosed(RetriableResponseError):
"""Account is not active.
class AccountLimitsExceeded(RetriableResponseError):
"""The spending or receiving limit on the account is exceeded.
class AmountOutOfRange(ResponseError):
"""The transaction amount is more than the allowed range.
class AuthFailure(RetriableResponseError):
"""AWS was not able to validate the provided access credentials.
class ConcurrentModification(RetriableResponseError):
"""A retriable error can happen when two processes try to modify the
same data at the same time.
class DuplicateRequest(ResponseError):
"""A different request associated with this caller reference already
class InactiveInstrument(ResponseError):
"""Payment instrument is inactive.
class IncompatibleTokens(ResponseError):
"""The transaction could not be completed because the tokens have
incompatible payment instructions.
class InstrumentAccessDenied(ResponseError):
"""The external calling application is not the recipient for this
postpaid or prepaid instrument.
class InstrumentExpired(ResponseError):
"""The prepaid or the postpaid instrument has expired.
class InsufficientBalance(RetriableResponseError):
"""The sender, caller, or recipient's account balance has
insufficient funds to complete the transaction.
class InternalError(RetriableResponseError):
"""A retriable error that happens due to some transient problem in
the system.
class InvalidAccountState(RetriableResponseError):
"""The account is either suspended or closed.
class InvalidAccountState_Caller(RetriableResponseError):
"""The developer account cannot participate in the transaction.
class InvalidAccountState_Recipient(RetriableResponseError):
"""Recipient account cannot participate in the transaction.
class InvalidAccountState_Sender(RetriableResponseError):
"""Sender account cannot participate in the transaction.
class InvalidCallerReference(ResponseError):
"""The Caller Reference does not have a token associated with it.
class InvalidClientTokenId(ResponseError):
"""The AWS Access Key Id you provided does not exist in our records.
class InvalidDateRange(ResponseError):
"""The end date specified is before the start date or the start date
is in the future.
class InvalidParams(ResponseError):
"""One or more parameters in the request is invalid.
class InvalidPaymentInstrument(ResponseError):
"""The payment method used in the transaction is invalid.
class InvalidPaymentMethod(ResponseError):
"""Specify correct payment method.
class InvalidRecipientForCCTransaction(ResponseError):
"""This account cannot receive credit card payments.
class InvalidSenderRoleForAccountType(ResponseError):
"""This token cannot be used for this operation.
class InvalidTokenId(ResponseError):
"""You did not install the token that you are trying to cancel.
class InvalidTokenId_Recipient(ResponseError):
"""The recipient token specified is either invalid or canceled.
class InvalidTokenId_Sender(ResponseError):
"""The sender token specified is either invalid or canceled or the
token is not active.
class InvalidTokenType(ResponseError):
"""An invalid operation was performed on the token, for example,
getting the token usage information on a single use token.
class InvalidTransactionId(ResponseError):
"""The specified transaction could not be found or the caller did not
execute the transaction or this is not a Pay or Reserve call.
class InvalidTransactionState(ResponseError):
"""The transaction is not complete, or it has temporarily failed.
class NotMarketplaceApp(RetriableResponseError):
"""This is not an marketplace application or the caller does not
match either the sender or the recipient.
class OriginalTransactionFailed(ResponseError):
"""The original transaction has failed.
class OriginalTransactionIncomplete(RetriableResponseError):
"""The original transaction is still in progress.
class PaymentInstrumentNotCC(ResponseError):
"""The payment method specified in the transaction is not a credit
card. You can only use a credit card for this transaction.
class PaymentMethodNotDefined(ResponseError):
"""Payment method is not defined in the transaction.
class PrepaidFundingLimitExceeded(RetriableResponseError):
"""An attempt has been made to fund the prepaid instrument
at a level greater than its recharge limit.
class RefundAmountExceeded(ResponseError):
"""The refund amount is more than the refundable amount.
class SameSenderAndRecipient(ResponseError):
"""The sender and receiver are identical, which is not allowed.
class SameTokenIdUsedMultipleTimes(ResponseError):
"""This token is already used in earlier transactions.
class SenderNotOriginalRecipient(ResponseError):
"""The sender in the refund transaction is not
the recipient of the original transaction.
class SettleAmountGreaterThanDebt(ResponseError):
"""The amount being settled or written off is
greater than the current debt.
class SettleAmountGreaterThanReserveAmount(ResponseError):
"""The amount being settled is greater than the reserved amount.
class SignatureDoesNotMatch(ResponseError):
"""The request signature calculated by Amazon does not match the
signature you provided.
class TokenAccessDenied(ResponseError):
"""Permission to cancel the token is denied.
class TokenNotActive(ResponseError):
"""The token is canceled.
class TokenNotActive_Recipient(ResponseError):
"""The recipient token is canceled.
class TokenNotActive_Sender(ResponseError):
"""The sender token is canceled.
class TokenUsageError(ResponseError):
"""The token usage limit is exceeded.
class TransactionDenied(ResponseError):
"""The transaction is not allowed.
class TransactionFullyRefundedAlready(ResponseError):
"""The transaction has already been completely refunded.
class TransactionTypeNotRefundable(ResponseError):
"""You cannot refund this transaction.
class UnverifiedAccount_Recipient(ResponseError):
"""The recipient's account must have a verified bank account or a
credit card before this transaction can be initiated.
class UnverifiedAccount_Sender(ResponseError):
"""The sender's account must have a verified U.S. credit card or
a verified U.S bank account before this transaction can be
class UnverifiedBankAccount(ResponseError):
"""A verified bank account should be used for this transaction.
class UnverifiedEmailAddress_Caller(ResponseError):
"""The caller account must have a verified email address.
class UnverifiedEmailAddress_Recipient(ResponseError):
"""The recipient account must have a verified
email address for receiving payments.
class UnverifiedEmailAddress_Sender(ResponseError):
"""The sender account must have a verified
email address for this payment.