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Version 1.3.1
Quick release for a fix around aliasing in v1.3.
Version 1.3
Add support for the Google Application Default Credentials.
Require python 2.6 as a minimum version.
Update several API samples.
Finish splitting out oauth2client repo and update tests.
Various doc cleanup and bugfixes.
Two important notes:
* We've added `googleapiclient` as the primary suggested import
name, and kept `apiclient` as an alias, in order to have a more
appropriate import name. At some point, we will remove `apiclient`
as an alias.
* Due to an issue around in-place upgrades for Python packages,
it's not possible to do an upgrade from version 1.2 to 1.3. Instead, attempts to detect this and prevents it. Simply remove
the previous version and reinstall to fix this.
Version 1.2
The use of the gflags library is now deprecated, and is no longer a
dependency. If you are still using the function
then include gflags as a dependency of your application or switch to
Samples have been updated to use the new apiclient.sample_tools, and no
longer use gflags.
Added support for the experimental Object Change Notification, as found in
the Cloud Storage API.
The oauth2client App Engine decorators are now threadsafe.
- Use the following redirects feature of httplib2 where it returns the
ultimate URL after a series of redirects to avoid multiple hops for every
resumable media upload request.
- Updated AdSense Management API samples to V1.3
- Add option to automatically retry requests.
- Ability to list registered keys in multistore_file.
- User-agent must contain (gzip).
- The 'method' parameter for httplib2 is not positional. This would cause
spurious warnings in the logging.
- Making OAuth2Decorator more extensible. Fixes Issue 256.
- Update AdExchange Buyer API examples to version v1.2.
Version 1.1
Add PEM support to SignedJWTAssertionCredentials (used to only support
PKCS12 formatted keys). Note that if you use PEM formatted keys you can use
PyCrypto 2.6 or later instead of OpenSSL.
Allow deserialized discovery docs to be passed to build_from_document().
- Make ResumableUploadError derive from HttpError.
- Many changes to move all the closures in apiclient.discovery into real
- classes and objects.
- Make from_json behavior inheritable.
- Expose the full token response in OAuth2Client and OAuth2Decorator.
- Handle reasons that are None.
- Added support for NDB based storing of oauth2client objects.
- Update grant_type for AssertionCredentials.
- Adding a .revoke() to Credentials. Closes issue 98.
- Modify oauth2client.multistore_file to store and retrieve credentials
using an arbitrary key.
- Don't accept 403 challenges by default for auth challenges.
- Set httplib2.RETRIES to 1.
- Consolidate handling of scopes.
- Upgrade to httplib2 version 0.8.
- Allow setting the response_type in OAuth2WebServerFlow.
- Ensure that dataWrapper feature is checked before using the 'data' value.
- HMAC verification does not use a constant time algorithm.
Version 1.0
- Changes to the code for running tests and building releases.
Version 1.0 Release Candidate 3
- In samples and oauth2 decorator, escape untrusted content before displaying it.
- Do not allow credentials files to be symlinks.
- Add XSRF protection to oauth2decorator callback 'state'.
- Handle uploading chunked media by stream.
- Handle passing streams directly to httplib2.
- Add support for Google Compute Engine service accounts.
- Flows no longer need to be saved between uses.
- Change GET to POST if URI is too long. Fixes issue #96.
- Add a keyring based Storage.
- More robust picking up JSON error responses.
- Make batch errors align with normal errors.
- Add a Google Compute sample.
- Token refresh to work with 'old' GData API
- Loading of client_secrets JSON file backed by a cache.
- Switch to new discovery path parameters.
- Add support for additionalProperties when printing schema'd objects.
- Fix media upload parameter names. Reviewed in
- oauth2client support for URL-encoded format of exchange token response (e.g. Facebook)
- Build cleaner and easier to read docs for dynamic surfaces.
Version 1.0 Release Candidate 2
- Parameter values of None should be treated as missing. Fixes issue #144.
- Distribute the samples separately from the library source. Fixes issue #155.
- Move all remaining samples over to client_secrets.json. Fixes issue #156.
- Make understand win32file primitives for better awesomeness.
Version 1.0 Release Candidate 1
- Documentation for the library has switched to epydoc:
- Many improvements for media support:
* Added media download support, including resumable downloads.
* Better handling of streams that report their size as 0.
* Update Media Upload to include io.Base and also fix some bugs.
- OAuth bug fixes and improvements.
* Remove OAuth 1.0 support.
* Added credentials_from_code and credentials_from_clientsecrets_and_code.
* Make oauth2client support Windows-friendly locking.
* Fix bug in StorageByKeyName.
* Fix None handling in Django fields. Reviewed in Fixes issue #128.
- Add epydoc generated docs. Reviewed in
- Move to PEP386 compliant version numbers.
- New and updated samples
* Ad Exchange Buyer API v1 code samples.
* Automatically generate Samples wiki page from README files.
* Update Google Prediction samples.
* Add a Tasks sample that demonstrates Service accounts.
* new analytics api samples. Reviewed here:
- Convert all inline samples to the Farm API for consistency.
- Updated meda upload support.
- Many fixes for batch requests.
- Better handling for requests that don't require a body.
- Fix issues with Google App Engine Python 2.7 runtime.
- Better support for proxies.
- All Storages now have a .delete() method.
- Important changes which might break your code:
* apiclient.anyjson has moved to oauth2client.anyjson.
* Some calls, for example, taskqueue().lease() used to require a parameter
named body. In this new release only methods that really need to send a body
require a body parameter, and so you may get errors about an unknown
'body' parameter in your call. The solution is to remove the unneeded
body={} parameter.
- Support for batch requests.
- Support for media upload.
- Better handling for APIs that return something other than JSON.
- Major cleanup and consolidation of the samples.
- Bug fixes and other enhancements:
72 Defect Appengine OAuth2Decorator: Convert redirect address to string
22 Defect Better error handling for unknown service name or version
48 Defect StorageByKeyName().get() has side effects
50 Defect Need sample client code for Admin Audit API
28 Defect better comments for app engine sample Nov 9
63 Enhancement Let OAuth2Decorator take a list of scope